‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 7 Is On This June: Brown Family Leaving Alaska

Alaskan Bush People is surprisingly back this June 14 on Discovery Channel. The show has been included in the network’s summer slate of programs. The early return on TV after finishing Season 6 this February might have something to do with the words that Ami Brown, the family’s matriarch, is sick.

Billy Brown confirms Ami is sick

In the new clip for Alaskan Bush People Season 7, Billy Brown admits that his wife Ami is sick, and reveals that after 34 years of living in the wild, the family might have to leave Alaska. This comes after rumors came around that Ami has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently in Los Angeles receiving medical treatment, per Radar Online.

“For years the bush has been our home, but now everything’s changed.”

Billy was not clear about Ami’s sickness, but with the prospect of leaving Browntown, it sounds really serious. Ami previously told Radar Online about her cervical radiculitis, which involves nerve damage in the spine. But whether it turns out to be cancer is yet to be revealed.

The news has reached her estranged family. His brother, Les Branson, said it was devastating, but his sister reportedly refuses to speak to him. They haven’t seen each other for 30 years since Ami married Billy.

Farewell, Browntown?

Sources on Facebook report that the family has been filming in Hoonah, a farewell season to their home for the past decades, per TV Insider. Ami, Billy, and Gabe are reportedly not there in the production. But while it may be a goodbye to the wilderness, it is possible that Discovery will have a follow-up season for Alaskan Bush People. Perhaps one that features the Brown family adapting to the civilization? Or maybe it is not the whole family that is leaving and the Brown children could continue living in Browntown. But for now, the show teases that this season, the ABP is facing their darkest hour.

Matt Brown seriously injured

As if Ami’s sickness is not already bad, news emerged that Matt Brown has been seriously injured when his fridge exploded. According to TMZ, the reality star has to have nine staples in his head. Sources said that the explosion was due to a mason jar filled with gunpowder and cannon fuse, which Matt stored in the fridge. Contrary to other reports, the Alaskan Bush People was not filming at the time of the accident.

What else?

Aside from the mother being sick and Matt’s accident, there are speculations that the Alaskan Bush People Season 7 would feature Noah and his girlfriend Rhain Alicia. In Season 6, Noah was contemplating on having Alicia move in with him in Browntown. Fans have also been waiting to get updates on Bam Bam’s romance with Allison Kegan, a producer for the Alaskan Bush People. The couple has been spotted together quite a couple of times, with the most recent one at a boat show where the two are holding hands.

Alaskan Bush People follows the lives of the Brown family, which consists of Billy and Ami, with their now adult children Gabe, Noah, Bam Bam, Matt, Rain, Bear, and Snowbird. They claim to have been living in the Alaskan wilderness for over 30 years, spending up to nine months without seeing other people in the civilization.

The show has faced several controversies, particularly that it is allegedly a fake and scripted series, not a reality show. Nonetheless, most fans do not care and the Alaskan Bush People remains to be one of the most watched TV shows on the Discovery Channel.

Alaskan Bush People Season 7 airs on June 14, Sunday, at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

[Featured Image by Discovery]