Ariel Winter’s New ‘Extreme’ Eyelash Extensions Cause Drama Between Fans

Some fans are expressing their criticisms of Ariel Winter’s new lengthy eyelash extensions much to the displeasure of others as they battle it out on her social media account.

The 19-year-old Modern Family actress shared the image in question to her Instagram on Friday as she gave the business a shoutout. While she may have been expecting fans to appreciate the beauty of her robust lash extensions, a noticeable amount of people had negative things to say about her new look.

Fans were quick to state the lashes look unnatural as they left comments on Ariel’s post calling them “ridiculous.”

“Umm they look ridiculous lashes (sic) arnt ment to touch your eyebrows.”

“Isn’t the point to them look natural?!? Not as fake as possible?!?”

Others were forward in their criticism as they blatantly stated the lashes do not look good.

“Sorry no that doesn’t look good at all.”

However, Ariel did have a few followers come to her defense as they stated she doesn’t need false lashes in order to be attractive.

“You don’t need that. It isn’t natural. You are so much pretty without artificials.”

But it was those followers calling out the haters who drew attention. Ariel’s most loyal fans commented on the post as they stated the teen actress can dress and look however she wants, and it’s nobody’s place to pass judgment.

Thanks @mavlashextensions ????

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“She’s gorg and she can wear whatever clothes or makeup she wants bc it’s her body, so none of you need to express your opinion if it’s negative. spread love, don’t hate on other ppl.”

So while commenters were busy telling Winter her new lashes were simply “too much,” others were pointing out it’s not their business to judge. In fact, some even told Ariel how great the extensions look despite so many Instagram users having only negative things to say.

“So dramatic…..I love it!!!!!”

The lash extension service responsible for Ariel’s latest look, MAV Lash Extensions, also posted the photo to its Instagram this week. It was better received on this account than Winter’s as commenters stated they “love these” lashes, and only a handful of people called the look “too extreme.”

Bb ????meets????

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Winter’s eyelashes aren’t the only reason she’s turning heads lately either. The brunette beauty shared a photo while posing with boyfriend Levi Meaden at a Vancouver beach earlier this week. While the couple had some adorable PDA going on in the photo, it was Ariel’s bikini that made headlines.

Maxim reported on her cheeky beach pic as fans were once again stunned at Winter’s attire or lack of in this case. The site calls the teen a body-positive advocate as she continues to wear whatever she pleases despite the many naysayers.

“For Ariel Winter, the body-positive wunderkind and Modern Family star, just did exactly that: share with her Instagram devotees an image of her string bikini-clad derrière.”

Maxim goes on to call out said body shamers, who relentlessly question her choice of style.

“Ariel has come up against countless ‘slut shamers’ in the past, who wantonly accuse her of showing too much skin.”

bb ???? thanks to @ninezeroone ❤️

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It appears the shaming does not stop with Ariel’s outfits as the internet once again proves anything and everything is fair game when it comes to its critics.

The Huffington Post quoted Ariel discussing the negative attention she receives as she discussed the double standard for men and women.

“Guys, all the time, go on their Instagrams and take pictures nude with guitars in front of their stuff. No one says anything. Nobody cares. When [women] try to be free and post what we want, it’s like, look at that slut on social media.”

The young star continued on to explain why she posts the images she does, even when it means receiving a backlash from her critics.

“We’re proud of our bodies. We’re proud of who we are. We’re made the way we are. Why do we care? If I take a picture and I think it looks good — if it’s a little revealing, whatever.”

It seems Ariel isn’t going to let internet haters get the best of her this time, either, as she proudly displays her long lashes.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]