Sasha Banks Forming New Partnership With Cedric Alexander To Even Odds With Alicia Fox And Noam Dar

Many WWE fans have been unhappy with Sasha Banks’ role on Raw since WrestleMania 33. She has been a part of the midcard for the last few months, and the fans have been waiting for Sasha to turn heel and begin a feud with Bayley over the Raw Women’s Title. However, Alexa Bliss has taken over the Women’s Division on Raw since the grandest stage of them all, which has left Banks in the midcard without a clear direction.

For the past few weeks, The Boss has been feuding with Alicia Fox and Noam Dar. Fox and Sasha have been exchanging victories over each other on Raw, but having Dar at ringside has given Alicia Fox the advantage over Banks. A lot of people within the WWE Universe would like to see Sasha Banks have a more important rivalry on Raw, but Sasha is about to partner with another cruiserweight to make the feud more interesting.

It’s being reported that Sasha Banks will be partnering with Cedric Alexander, who just returned to 205 Live this week from a serious knee injury for a mixed tag team match at WWE Extreme Rules against Alicia Fox and Noam Dar. Alexander will help Sasha even the odds, and it will give Cedric the chance to put the issues he’s had with Dar and Fox before his knee injury took him off WWE programming for the past few months.

Cedric Alexander Has Returned From a Severe Knee Injury
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Despite all the struggles WWE officials have with selling 205 Live to the WWE Universe, one of the biggest stars to come out of the cruiserweight division is Cedric Alexander. He has a lot of potential to break out as an even bigger star sooner rather than later, and the opportunity to team with Sasha Banks could be a huge deal for his babyface run. If he impresses the fans at Extreme Rules, that could mean a bigger push for him.

On 205 Live, Austin Aries is still challenging Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship, which has been a much longer rivalry than most fans were expecting. Either man could hold the title after Extreme Rules, so a new challenger like Cedric Alexander coming into the title picture may be in the cards if he can get the rub from the match with Sasha Banks. WWE Extreme Rules could be the boost of momentum Cedric needs to become a bigger character for 205 Live and become more than a solid babyface in the midcard somewhere.

Sasha Banks is Expected to Face Alexa Bliss After the Feud With Bayley
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On the other hand, Sasha Banks will likely get the definitive win over Alicia Fox to put their feud to bed, and then move onto bigger things. At WWE Extreme Rules, Bayley will receive her rematch with Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title. Most people are assuming that Bliss will retain the championship, and that will be the chance for The Boss to reemerge back into the Women’s Title scene and begin a feud with Bliss herself.

It’s been reported that Vince McMahon doesn’t value The Boss as a top WWE Superstar on Raw because of her history of back issues, and she’s seen by many people backstage as a risky competitor. Unfortunately for her, that means WWE officials will be unwilling to give her a long-term title reign because she may go down with an injury. That logic reveals a lot about why Banks has been in the midcard for the past few months.

Cedric Alexander and Sasha Banks versus Alicia Fox and Noam Dar could be an important match at WWE Extreme Rules if it results in Cedric receiving a bigger push on 205 Live, The Boss re-entering the Women’s Title picture after the PPV, and Dar and Fox getting some heat to use in the future. It’s possible this simple rivalry in the midcard could end up being something that catapults everyone into better positions on WWE.

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