May 26, 2017
Johnny Depp Case: New Evidence Management Team Is At Fault For Financial Woes, 'Whistleblower' Deposed

Negative press abounds against Johnny Depp while the star continues to stand his ground in a lawsuit filed claiming his former management group, TMG, mismanaged his finances for years and caused him to incur millions of fees for unpaid taxes.

Earlier this year, Johnny Depp took his financial difficulties to the courts and launched a suit, the details of which are shared by E!.

"The actor had fired The Management Group and later sued them for $25 million. In January, he sued the firm for $25 million for alleged fraud and mismanagement, claiming that he only learned last year that he is $40 million in debt. He blamed the company for allegedly failing to properly maintain his financial records. The group fired back with a cross-complaint of fraud, claiming his allegations are false."
TMG quickly retaliated with a counterclaim and laid Depp's alleged out-of-control spending on the table for all to become aware of, as Business Insider relays. The management group shared details about Johnny unloading $30,000 a month on wine and paying $75 million on various property acquisitions and furnishing the said properties. Additionally, the star spent millions on luxury cars and $18 million on a massive yacht while also refusing to travel in any way but a private jet, which costs the star $200,000 per month.

There are plenty more claims where these came from and TMG even brought Depp's supposed acting practices into the suit, stating that Johnny is fed his lines during filming through an earpiece in addition to being an apparent difficult individual to work with on set. Such claims have yet to be verified, and co-stars of Depp's such as Orlando Bloom spoke on his behalf, stating, in summary, that the star is a great actor and a great person.

After months of negative press about his nasty divorce from Amber Heard and his financial issues, Depp has recently experienced a small victory regarding the current case against TMG. Depp's attorneys deposed a former employee of TMG, Janine Rayburn, after which TMG attorneys filed a motion to seal portions of complaints in Depp's case. Just this week the judge on the case ruled that the statement of the former employee be allowed.E! relays the words of the judge on the case regarding her decision.
"It is not appropriate for the Court to seal any allegation that a party argues is false or misleading. Were the Court to do so, court proceedings would almost always be completely confidential and hidden from the public, as it is the very nature of litigation that the truth is contested. This result would clearly not be in the public interest."
In Rayburn's deposition, she stated that TMG did not make Depp aware of his finances and that she was asked at times to notarize the star's signature for various purposes as well as to alter financial statements for bank loans. Of course the management group's spokesperson retaliated and was quick to attempt to discredit Rayburn's character when interviewed by E! News.
"Johnny Depp and his counsel know that Janine Rayburn is a serial liar who perjured herself during her deposition who also lied on her resume when she applied for a job at The Management Group. Rayburn only worked at TMG for a brief time and was fired seven years ago. Rayburn fully admitted that she has no idea what conversations took place between Depp and TMG regarding Depp's financial situation. We welcome the opportunity to further question Ms. Rayburn in Court, exposing her many lies."
Depp's own legal team was clearly very content with the judge's decision to unseal documents.

Rayburn reportedly worked as an account manager at TMG for two years, and as the actor's team suggests, the group's team is simply attempting to smear her character much like they did Depp's.

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