‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Week Of May 29 To June 2 Brings Legal Trouble For Deimos And Nicole

Days of Our Lives fans have seen things fall apart for Deimos with his recent arrest. Of course, his lost love, Nicole, is facing her own legal issues. With all that is going on, could things possibly get worse for Deimos? The following contains Days of Our Lives spoilers. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know.

Days of Our Lives is pre-empted on Monday, May 29, for the French Open. Not to fret though. There is plenty of action packed into the next four days.

Once back in Salem, Deimos has quite a lot to answer for. Maggie takes advantage of the opportunity to put him in his place and lays it all out for him. After all, Holly is her grandchild, and Nicole would have been her daughter-in-law if Daniel had not died. She will be free of him in the future, however, because the family fires him, and Justin turns the proverbial knife. After facing his family, the interrogation with Hope would almost be a cakewalk for the Days of Our Lives villain.

Things aren’t going so great for the new CEO of Titan either. Now stranded on the island, Sonny has an argument with Paul over his obsession/dedication to the newly acquired position. Paul makes it clear that he doesn’t like it and doesn’t support the promotion. More bad news comes when JJ and Lani have a picnic and make an unsettling discovery. Days of Our Lives viewers will also see Chad in the hot-seat, as his deception starts to come out. Gabi starts to understand something about Eli: he gets her.

Back in Salem, John is still refusing to give up on Brady. Days of Our Lives fans know the normally cool and collected Salemite is hanging on as well as he can, but the worry and stress is affecting him. He blows up at Chloe, telling her how wrong she has been.

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Chloe decides to visit Brady again. Nicole and Eric are in the hospital as well with the same plan. Eric does his best to distract Chloe while Nicole sees Brady. By the end of the week, Nicole and Eric are both arrested, however. Days of Our Lives fans won’t be surprised to see Jennifer at Salem PD getting Eric released.

According to She Knows, Steve is on a new case that is too close to home. His sister, Adrienne, is the target of a threat, and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Kayla lends an ear to her Days of Our Lives sister-in-law, as she shares a secret about her love for Lucas.

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Abigail and Dario are moving forward with their plans for a wedding for the sake of immigration. She is having some trouble with being so deceptive, however.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us that a murder will happen very soon in Salem. The killer is one of their own and the suspect list is long. As the case unfolds, Days of Our Lives viewers will be surprised by some of the twists in the storyline. This one could be a shocker.

As new information becomes available, we will share it here on Inquisitr. Be sure to check back for the latest spoilers and Days of Our Lives news.

Who do you want to see Gabi end up with on Days of Our Lives? Do you think the upcoming murder victim could be a match for a heart transplant for Brady? Will Chloe ever let Nicole have her daughter back? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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