'All For Love': 'Navy SEAL' Hallmark Movie This Memorial Day Weekend, Starring Sara Rue, Steve Bacic

All For Love is a lovely new romance movie for the Hallmark Channel. This Memorial Day weekend movie stars Sara Rue and Steve Bacic. All For Love is about the life of a romance writer whose last book flopped. To keep her credibility, she needs to have some success with her next book about Navy SEALs. Hallmark Channel's All For Love was directed by Lee Friedlander, and the teleplay was written by Tracy Andreen, Lee Friedlander, Mark Famiglietti, and Michael Testa.

Synopsis of Hallmark's All For Love

Jo Parker had been a successful romance writer until her last book tanked. She was literally crucified in the reviews by critics and her once-dedicated readers outed her after she made several factual errors. Since her own love life has been non-existent, Jo Parker's romance writing has lacked the luster needed to pull her readers in as she did before.

Now, she's just three months away from her publishing date, and her publisher, Diana, is not satisfied with the final draft of her book SEALed With a Kiss. With the publishing date looming ahead, Diana insists that Jo Parker get her act together since she cannot afford any more bad publicity.

To make sure she has no factual errors for this book, Jo Parker needs to do some in-depth research about Navy SEALs, and Diana has already lined up the perfect person to teach her all about that life. The teacher turns out to be Diana's brother, Colin Shaw, a handsome and retired Navy SEAL.

Their first meeting doesn't turn out well. Colin Shaw is easy on the eyes, however, his strict regimen is sure to be difficult for Jo Parker. Colin figures the best way for Jo to learn is to fully immerse her in the life of a Navy SEAL, and there is no better way to do that than to put her through boot camp, alongside several other recruits.
The hours are long and the drills are hard. But Jo Parker's close contact with Colin and the other SEALs in training begins to teach her that the discipline required to master the exercises is much like the knowledge and control needed to write her books. As Colin becomes more familiar with Jo's writing, a softer side of him emerges in a way that opens them both up to the possibility of love.

About Actress Sara Rue via Hallmark Channel

"Born and raised in New York City, Sara Rue spent most of her childhood backstage with her father, a Broadway stage manager. Rue's acting career began at age nine when she was cast as Kevin Spacey's daughter and Burt Lancaster's granddaughter in the film Rocket Gibraltar. Shortly thereafter, she won critical acclaim for her television series debut in the comedy Grand. She has since appeared as a series regular on various shows including Phenom, Minor Adjustments, Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane, Popular, Eastwick, and Malibu Country. She is best known for her starring role in ABC's Less Than Perfect.
About Actor Steve Bacic via Hallmark Channel
"Steve Bacic was born in Croatia and raised in Windsor, Ontario. After earning a degree in Kinesiology and with minor in Math, Bacic decided to leave academia and pursue an acting career. He has since garnered international recognition with leading roles in TV series such as NCIS and CSI: Miami on CBS and ER on NBC. A leading man who is equally comfortable playing a dramatic a comedic one, Bacic has appeared as a series regular on a wide range of television series, including HBO's acclaimed Big Love, Andromeda and the Canadian programs The Guard and Cra$h & Burn.
All For Love is produced by Book Road and Front Street Pictures. It airs this Saturday, May 27, at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel. Previously on the Hallmark Channel, the movie The Art of Us debuted.
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