May 26, 2017
Hillary Clinton Compares Trump To Nixon At College Commencement Speech

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton has compared Donald Trump to Richard Nixon in a commencement speech she recently gave at Wellesley College. Clinton stated that the political environment in which Nixon was impeached in 1969 was very similar to the way things are unfolding presently.

She also revealed that not much has changed when it comes to equal rights from then to now.

"We didn't trust government, authority figures, or really anyone over 30. In large part thanks to years of heavy casualties and dishonest official statements about Vietnam, and deep differences over civil rights and poverty here at home. We were asking urgent questions about whether women, people of color, religious minorities, immigrants, would ever be treated with dignity and respect."

The former first lady and presidential candidate for 2016 never mentioned the current president by name, but she alluded to him very heavily during her speech.

According to People, the audience clapped and cheered when she added a snide remark about Trump and comparing him to former President Nixon.

"And by the way, we were furious about the past presidential election of a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice after firing the person running the investigation into him at the Department of Justice."

Hillary Clinton, however, warned the graduating class about echo chambers, stating that in this day and age, it is much easier to create them than it used to be.

"The advance of technology, the impact of the Internet, our fragmented media landscape makes it easier than ever to splinter ourselves into echo chambers. We can shut out contrary voices, avoid ever questioning our basic assumptions. Extreme views are given powerful microphones. Leaders willing to exploit fear and skepticism have tools at their disposal that were unimaginable when I graduated," she said.

She also touched on the fact that the internet now gives bigger platforms to minority opinions and that people can log online to find others who also share their prejudices and think that science isn't real. This, she warns, can create real problems and allow people to mobilize in negative ways.

Hillary Clinton also shaded Donald Trump again when speaking about climate change. She says it is undoubtedly real and that ignoring it will only make the problems worse. Clinton then went on to discuss the current president and the fact that she believes he lies about many different issues the United States faces.

"If our leaders lie about the problems we face, we'll never solve them. It undermines confidence in our government as a whole. Which in turn, causes more cynicism and anger... That free and open debate is the life-blood of a democracy.... We should not abandon them — we should revere them. We should aspire to them every day in every single thing we do"
Clinton isn't the first politician to speak out about the current presidency of Donald Trump; in fact, many major politicians have done so. According to insiders, Barack Obama has spoken out against his successor privately but has attempted to keep things civil and professional outwardly.

According to friends of Barack Obama's, he recently said in a private phone call that "[Trump] is nothing but a bulls**ter."

Michelle Obama has also made jokes about wearing black as she is in mourning for America. Both the Obamas vocally expressed their disapproval of Donald Trump as he ran for office and openly endorsed Hillary Clinton, but since he has taken office, they have more or less kept silent about how they feel he is doing his job.

[Featured Image by Darren McCollester/Stringer/Getty Images]