Aly Raisman Has 'Rude' TSA Experience, Tweets About It

Aly Raisman had an unpleasant experience at an airport recently, and she took to social media to talk about it. In a series of tweets, the Olympic gymnast explained what happened, calling a TSA agent "rude" and standing up for herself, making it known that girls who have muscles are hot!

The gold medalist sent the tweets out on Wednesday, May 24. She said that a female TSA agent made a comment about her muscles and asked if she was a gymnast. Raisman said that a male TSA agent was very rude when he jumped in the conversation.

He allegedly stared at her and said, "I don't see any muscles."

This made Raisman feel very uncomfortable, and she wanted to share that experience with the world. She took to social media to say that it's "2017" and that a guy should not be judging a girl's arm muscles.

"I work very hard to be healthy & fit. The fact that a man thinks he [can] judge my arms pisses me off I am sick of this judgmental generation. If u are a man who can't compliment a girl's [arm muscles], you are sexist. Get over yourself. Are u kidding me? It's 2017. When will this change?" Raisman tweeted.

Of course, her fans agree that she is not wrong; the tweet was liked over 12,000 times.

Although Raisman didn't give any specific details about the airport she was traveling out of (she lives in Needham, Massachusetts, and could have been flying out of Boston's Logan International Airport or Providence's T.F. Green Airport), TSA responded to the claims by way of a statement sent to Us Weekly.

"TSA conducts screening at security checkpoints when departing from a U.S. or U.S. territory airport, and it appears that Ms. Raisman was traveling from a foreign airport. We have reached out to Ms. Raisman via Twitter, requesting more details of her experience. If the incident occurred at any of our security checkpoints in the U.S, we look forward to hearing from her to look into this further," the statement read.

No word on whether or not Raisman has reached out to TSA directly or vice versa. Regardless, it does not look like Raisman is letting the exchange keep her down.

She arrived at her tropical destination safely and recently posted an awesome photo of herself riding a horse in the ocean. She celebrated her birthday in Turks and Caicos with some friends (she turned 23 on May 25).

After competing in the Rio Olympics, Raisman worked in a solid break for herself. She had spent so much time training that she just wanted to enjoy some downtime -- and that is exactly what she is doing!

"I definitely need a break just to kind of take time. I'll probably take a year off like I did last time and then we'll kind of regroup and see from there," she previously told Us Weekly.

Raisman has previously said that she was planning on retiring from gymnastics -- at least on an Olympic level -- but she just keeps coming back for more. She loves the sport and she's a great competitor. So, will we see Aly Raisman competing in more Olympic games? It's certainly possible. But, for now, she's working on her tan and enjoying life.

Are you a fan of Aly Raisman? Are you surprised that she was (allegedly) treated like this by a TSA agent? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images]