Rashad Jennings: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2017 Winner Looking For Love, But NY Giants Star Has A Condition

Rashad Jennings, who won Dancing With The Stars 2017, is apparently looking for love. However, the DWTS winner has a condition that his future love must follow. Jennings, who calls himself “super single” at the moment, mutually split with his longtime girlfriend in 2014.

The New York Giants star said that he had proposed to his girlfriend, who was his childhood sweetheart. They were together during “mistakes, happy times, sad times.” However, the two grew apart and had different desires and ambitions in life. After he broke up with his girlfriend, he felt a lot of emptiness. But, he had work to focus on, so that helped a lot. Nevertheless, when he went back home, he could only think of his girlfriend and the time they had spent together.

According to the Dancing With The Stars 2017 winner, it was a time to reflect. People think they have their life all figured out for themselves. They start picturing a family together and making plans. And, all of a sudden, everything is taken away. However, when they are able to reconsider their life, they feel grateful for how things turned out for them.

Now, Rashad Jennings is open to finding the love of his life. However, there is one condition that she must abide by to win his heart. She must have approval from his mother. According to the 32-year-old DWTS winner, his future girlfriend must get along with his mother. He wants to be sure his special person will have his mother’s approval before he brings her home. And, there is a reason for that.

DWTS winner Rashad Jennings would fall for an “everyday girl.”
DWTS winner Rashad Jennings would fall for an “everyday girl.” [Image by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]

Rashad Jennings’ mother knows him extremely well. She should be OK with his choice. As she has known him for years, she is aware that her son will bring home only that special someone. He is not somebody who brings just anybody home.

“Whoever comes in the door, she’s already coming in the door with a thumbs up because I brought her.”

In his interview with the PEOPLE magazine, Jennings assures that everybody is bound to fall in love with his mother. The DWTS Season 24 participant, who won the finale with pro partner Emma Slater, called his mother “the sweetest.” People fall in love with her no matter who they are.

“If you can’t get along with my mom, something’s wrong.”

According to the NFL star, the breakup was his chance to start learning about himself. It gave him the opportunity to do what he really wanted to do in life. It was the time when he started dedicating more time to the Rashad Jennings Foundation as well. Now that he is looking for love, he makes it clear that he is in no hurry to get married. He said that there is no pressure on him to get married anytime soon.

DWTS winner Rashad Jennings is in no hurry to get married.
DWTS winner Rashad Jennings is in no hurry to get married. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Lord & Taylor]

According to Jennings, he can achieve a lot more while he is single. However, he is ready to prove himself wrong with the right kind of a person beside him.

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Rashad Jennings, who won Dancing With The Stars 2017, explains what kind of woman is attractive for him. He is more into “cute” than “sexy.” He said he would fall for an “everyday girl.”

“She has to be quirky and spunky, and she has to be able to laugh at herself. I love a goofball!”

In addition to all this, Rashad Jennings also said that he would be attracted to a woman who was health-conscious, ambitious and family-oriented. She should also be a believer.

“My heart’s on lock,” Jennings said. “But I can’t stop it if somebody has the master key.”

Here is wishing all the best to Rashad Jennings while he looks for the girl who can impress his mother.

Funny how two people can impact each other so much in such a short time. @TheEmmaSlater, you said that one of the things I taught you is how to be stress-free. Well you’ve taught me how to dance through “Dark Times”. It’s never easy but always well worth it!????#TeamShadSquad

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