‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: A Murder Shocks Salem In June, The Suspect List Is Long

Days of Our Lives fans know that Salem is not immune to vigilante justice. For years, the Kiriakis and Dimera families have been known to each find creative ways to get revenge on their enemies. In June, there will be a shocking murder that creates the perfect whodunit. The following contains Days of Our Lives spoilers. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Salem will be rocked with a murder in June. The victim has not been officially named but spoilers tell us that the list of potential suspects is long and twisted. The storyline was already in the works when Ron Carlivati took the job as head writer. He liked what he saw, but made a few tweaks to make it more interesting for Days of Our Lives fans. The word is that Carlivati had some scenes re-shot and edited in. The final cut that will air is a collaboration of the new writing team with the old team of writers.

Vincent Irizarry, the actor who portrays Deimos, is nearing his exit from the set of Days of Our Lives. This leads to the obvious conclusion that Deimos will be the victim of revenge from one of his many enemies. He has been weaving a tangled web of deceit and betrayal for months. Everyone, including his own family, has seen that he is not one to be trusted. Deimos being murdered will leave the Salem PD working overtime as the list of potential killers grows. The tangled plots and schemes of Deimos involves so many who may have taken their revenge.

The obvious suspects will include Sonny, who had bad blood with his Uncle Deimos for quite some time. Sonny saw through him and his shady dealings, vowing to take over Titan and protect his family. Of course, brother Victor will want revenge for his grandson being shot due to Deimos’ evil scheme regarding Nicole. Speaking of Nicole, she has plenty of reasons to want Deimos dead, but her focus is on her own legal issues with Chloe. The Hernandez family, however, saw their father sent to prison after being set up by Deimos.

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The big question for Days of Our Lives fans is, “What about his heart being given to Brady?” While this has been widely discussed by fans on social media, spoilers have not confirmed it. In fact, so far there is no confirmation that a replacement heart is found for Brady. Could it be that Daniel’s visit to Brady, encouraging him to fight, and assuring him that his heart is meant to keep him alive, might be the real miracle that Brady receives?

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Either way, the Salem PD will have their hands full with the murder of Deimos. Fans of Days of Our Lives will see JJ’s detective skills as he tracks down leads, untwists Deimos’ sordid schemes, and brings to light all of the enemies he left behind. Narrowing the list of suspects could be a mystery that Days of Our Lives viewers will be shocked by. As more is uncovered regarding Deimos, more suspects are sure to come to light, including some viewers don’t even know about yet.

As spoilers are released, we will bring them to you. Be sure to check back with Inquisitr to stay on top of all the latest news for Days of Our Lives.

What do you think of a whodunit murder mystery storyline on Days of Our Lives? Do you think the victim will be Deimos? Who do you think took revenge on the evil villain? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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