Donald Trump Impeachment Will Happen During His First Term, Predicts Bookmakers

Donald Trump’s impeachment is allegedly going to happen before he will complete his first term as the president of the United States of America, predicts online bookmakers.

Ever since Donald Trump became the 45th POTUS, legal experts and political writers started predicting the ways and the reasons for his removal. The news of Trump’s impeachment or removal from his office has escalated ever since he fired FBI Director James Comey in the middle of a federal investigation.

British betting company Ladbrokes has cut down the price of a Donald Trump impeachment to odds-on 4-5 from 11-10. These new odds equate to a 55.6 percent probability that the Senate will remove Trump from office.

“Political punters are wondering how many more scandals can Trump overcome,” Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said in a statement. “And despite the short price on offer, money has poured in for the president to be impeached, leaving us with little option but to cut the odds.”

Before everyone started talking about Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russian government and even before he fired Comey, his impeachment or resignation odds before the end of his first term were 11-10. Additionally, 2-1 were the odds indicating that Americans will not re-elect him in 2020.

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Ladbrokes’ PR Manager Alex Donohue was quoted by Politico as follows.

“From a betting perspective, Donald Trump’s presidency has triggered a massive boom for these kinds of markets. With Donald Trump, everything he does, it can be turned into speculation, and that can be turned into gambling.”

What Are Democrats Thinking?

Earlier this week, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said he is moving forward with the process for impeaching Donald Trump. The congressman said he is currently working with constitutional lawyers to draft articles of impeachment against former billionaire businessman.

After multiple media reports claimed that Trump had put pressure on the former FBI Director James Comey to stop their investigation into National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Al Green made the call to his colleagues in the House and started preparing for Trump’s impeachment.