Man Wearing Body Armor And Mask Crashes Semi Into Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel In Nevada

A Reno man clad in body armor and a mask ran a tractor-trailer into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. The brothel, owned by Dennis Hof, was the focus of the CatHouse reality show on HBO.

Brian Brandt, 40, was arrested on assault with a deadly weapon, possession of stolen property, and property destruction charges for allegedly ramming a stolen 18-wheeler into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel.

Dennis Hof said the semi-trailer crashed into his Nevada brothel around 4 a.m. yesterday when 45 people were inside. None of the 30 prostitutes, 10 customers, or five Moonlite Bunny Ranch staffers in the Lyon County brothel at the time were injured.

When the tractor-trailer allegedly driven by Brian Brandt crashed into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, it sounded like a “bomb going off,” according to Dennis Hof.

“The reaction was ‘what do we do?’ We immediately called 911, Hof added.

The brothel owner said the ramming of the structure by the truck caused about $400,000 worth of damage to the building and property. Dennis Hof said neither he, nor any of the brothel employees knew Brandt. He believes the driver of the tractor-trailer simply wanted to harm his Nevada brothel to garner notoriety.

The tractor-trailer was stolen from Central Transport terminal in northern Nevada, according to company spokesman, Mickey Blashfield. Central Transport is based out of Michigan, MSN reported.

The Central Transport company representative went on to reveal Brian Brandt had been employed as a driver for the Michigan trucking company until he was fired several months ago. Blashfield would only say the man accused of intentionally crashing into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch was terminated for inappropriate behavior.

Brandt was allegedly angry about getting fired back in February, 2 News reported. Managers of the Nevada trucking terminal said they discovered the front door of their facility smashed in and then quickly realized a tractor-trailer was missing on Thursday morning.

Moonlite Bunny Ranch is located in an industrial and unincorporated area of Lyon County known as Mound House. The area is close to the capital of Nevada, Carson City. Although brothels are legal in the state, they remain illegal to operate in the Las Vegas area.

Dennis Hof said all of the women were just fine after the semi-truck crashed into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and were pouring free drinks not long after the shocking incident.

Hof also owns the Love Ranch brothel just outside of Las Vegas area where such businesses are banned. Hof ran a failed campaign for a Nevada State Assembly seat last year. Former basketball star, Lamar Odom was found unconscious inside Love Ranch in 2015.

Dennis Hof credits a chance and brief meeting with Marilyn Monroe at the Arizona State Fair when he was only an 8-year-old boy with his life-long obsession with women. Hof owns a grand total of seven Nevada brothels and proudly refers to himself as the “P.T. Barnum of Booty,” according to a report by the Daily Dot.

“The thing that made the Cathouse series so special is that it was real. I don’t wanna sugarcoat anything. I wanna put it out there. It is what it is,” Hof said when referencing the HBO reality series about his most famous, or infamous, Nevada brothel.

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch owner is also the author of an autobiographical book, The Art of the Pimp. When asked about his choice of wording in the title, Dennis Hof said he fought the label of “pimp” for two decades.

“The image of a pimp in America is a guy that’s exploiting young women and having them do illegal activities and pump ’em full of drugs to keep ’em working. The title was Judith’s [Regan, the Regan Arts book publishing house owner] idea.”

The Nevada brothel owner said when readers dig into the book they will realize he is not a pimp at all. Hof, ever the salesman, points out that the word “pimp” in the title sure did “get everybody’s attention.”

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