May 26, 2017
Rachael Finch And The Mystery Of The Bruised Legs

Rachael Finch posted a photo of her bruised legs – and it doesn't look pretty!

The 29-year-old model and mother-of-two took to Instagram on Friday morning to share her post-workout stretching routine. But fans were quick to notice bruises on Rachael Finch's legs.

Posing in her underwear, the model stretched out her long legs straight in front of her body, while bruises are clearly visible underneath her knees.

Rachael Finch did not photoshop the bruises, nor did she pretend as if there are no bruises, as the former Miss Universe Australia wrote in the caption, "excuse the bruises and wonky chicken legs."

Rachael Finch has found success by launching her own online health and fitness program, which has received numerous praises from women around the world.

While the Daily Mail described Rachael Finch's legs on the Friday morning photo as "extremely bruised," they aren't really "extremely bruised." After taking a quick look at the model's previous Instagram posts, there's another photo that seemingly features Finch's bruised legs.

On the May 4 photo, Rachael Finch is seen leaning against a white wall, while some sort of discolorations – possibly bruises – can be visibly seen in the same area of her legs.

In fact, those discolorations under Rachael Finch's knees may not be bruises at all, as even on an October 15 snap of the former Miss Universe Australia there were those "bruises" in the same area.

But Rachael Finch shared the photo of her slender legs on Friday morning not to reignite the controversy surrounding her bruised legs, but to share her favorite post-workout, or as the mother-of-two puts it, "de-stress activities."

After competing on Dancing with the Stars in 2010, where she met her future husband Michael Miziner, Rachael Finch developed a passion for dancing, which, in turn, led to the building of her own dance-inspired fitness program called Bod By Rachael Finch.

Rachael Finch boasts 200,000 followers on Instagram, many of whom are following the former Miss Universe Australia's dance-cardio sessions, strength circuits, mediation, and yoga classes.

Rachael Finch's Friday photo of her bruised legs came just hours before Finch got to enjoy one of the most exciting moments of her day (or even week), as the mother-of-two has previously admitted to indulging on a piece of chocolate on a Friday night as part of her strict diet.

Despite giving birth to son Dominic just three months ago, Rachael Finch was back in the gym performing squats and lunges just three weeks after welcoming the new addition to her family with husband Miziner and their three-year-old daughter, Violet.

Rachael Finch got back to her pre-pregnancy body in no time (literally), as the model already flaunts an incredible body. And luckily for all women out there struggling with post-pregnancy extra weight, the mother-of-two shared her weight loss secrets to New Weekly magazine.

Rachael Finch has already dropped quite a few pounds after the birth of her son, and the model is excited to share her secret. Turns out, it's nothing new: eating clean, which Finch says is "super important" as well as "no alcohol, no refined sugars, and no processed food."

However, since Rachael Finch is breastfeeding Dominic at the moment, she can't make dramatic changes in her diet, nor can she give up some foods in order to lose even more weight.

So the former Miss Universe Australia says she's focused on "fueling my body with plenty of nutritious foods" to produce "the best milk possible."

While Rachael Finch has clearly already achieved that perfect post-baby body – if her latest Instagram pics are any indication – the model says she is "not stressing about getting my body back."

[Featured Image by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]