WWE Hall of Famer Lita Returning to WWE For ‘Mae Young Classic’ Tournament

After several months of speculation, WWE announced this week that the rumored women’s tournament will take place this July, and will be known as the “Mae Young Classic.” Details have been scarce regarding how WWE is planning to present the tournament and who will be participating. There’s been a lot of speculation and Jim Ross has been confirmed for commentary, but the Mae Young Classic will be getting a huge boost.

It has been reported that WWE Hall of Famer Lita will be returning to WWE for the Mae Young Classic this summer. Lita’s role has not been officially revealed, which is leading to a lot of speculation that she could be wrestling in the tournament. However, it’s being said that she will be on commentary alongside Jim Ross for the matches. She will bring her years of experience and rapport with the WWE Universe to the tournament.

Renee Young could join the announce team for the tournament as well because WWE officials are looking to give the Mae Young Classic an extremely strong female presence. There is speculation about WWE utilizing female referees for the tournament, and making the event something wonderfully different than anything the WWE Universe has seen before. Lita is expected to be a huge part of making that happen for the event.

Lita Could Return to WWE For Another MAtch
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A lot of fans may be disappointed because it was rumored during WrestleMania season that Lita could make her in-ring return on the grandest stage of them all. That did not happen, but some fans are still wondering if the WWE Hall of Famer could return for more matches with WWE. Lita coming out of retirement became more plausible after it was reported that she had wrestled her first match in over five years back in March.

Since then, many within the WWE Universe remain hopeful that Lita was shaking off the ring rust for a big comeback for WWE. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet and her involvement with the Mae Young Classic isn’t expected to be more than announcing the tournament alongside Jim Ross. However, many fans remain hopeful that Lita’s involvement will eventually lead to another run with WWE sooner rather than later.

The Mae Young Classic was such an interesting opportunity because it’s being featured as a WWE Network series, so it’s technically not a part of Raw or SmackDown. It’s understandable why she wouldn’t take one of the thirty-two spots because it could be filled by a female talent that needs the exposure much more than a WWE Hall of Famer. However, the WWE Universe would rather see her compete on Raw or SmackDown.

Lita Could Have One More Match in WWE
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Regardless of what the future holds for Lita inside the ring, she will add some legitimacy to the Mae Young Classic. The tournament will be featuring a lot of talent the WWE Universe is unfamiliar with, especially the fans that aren’t hardcore wrestling fans. In some way, that’s a good thing. However, it will be up to Jim Ross and Lita to provide keen insight for the viewer, and it will be up to Lita to be the veteran voice for the event.

Lita has some experience behind a desk as an analyst before WWE PPVs, but the commentary role could be a challenge for her. She’s definitely qualified for the role, and JR will be there to help. WWE officials are also planning to tape the event on July 13th and 14th, but aren’t expected to air the finished episodes on a weekly basis. Everyone involved will do their best to ensure the Mae Young Classic is as good as it can possibly be.

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