Jinger Duggar Shows Off Photography Skills And Confuses Fans, Michelle Calls Her ‘Compliant’

Jinger Duggar has spent years in front of a camera, but what happens when the Counting On star gets behind it?

Duggar fans were ecstatic when Jinger finally joined Instagram earlier this month, but the newly minted Texan has only shared a handful of snapshots on her account since then. Jinger has talked about her love of photography many times on Counting On and her family’s former TLC reality series, 19 Kids and Counting, but she didn’t immediately begin utilizing Instagram as a tool to display her work. Instead, she followed the lead of her older sisters who have social media accounts — Jill and Jessa — by sharing a mixture of selfies, wedding pictures, and throwback family photos.

However, it looks like the Duggar family’s photographer recently realized that she can use Instagram to make a name for herself as an artist. On Thursday, she used the social media platform to show off an artistic black-and-white photograph that she snapped in Manhattan. It shows the Counting On camera crew carrying their equipment across a busy city street.

“The crew. Lower East Side, Manhattan,” Jinger captioned the image.

The photo impressed many of the amateur photographer’s Instagram followers.

“I love your photography! I’m glad to see you getting back into it Jinger!” commented one fan.

“Your photography is amazing…what a God given talent!” wrote another.


However, some of the reality show star’s followers were confused by the location of the photo. They began asking Jinger why she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are currently filming in the big city. One fan responded to these queries by saying that there’s no way that the photo was taken recently because it’s been rainy and cold in Manhattan for the last few days. The sky is clear in the image, and many of the Counting On crew members are wearing shorts.

The fourth-oldest Duggar daughter likely snapped the photo when she visited New York last July. As Us Weekly reports, Jeremy Vuolo invited Jinger (and a few chaperones) to take a trip with him to the big city. Jeremy had carefully planned out a surprise marriage proposal, and he chose a picturesque spot to get down on one knee: the rooftop of a Manhattan building. Jeremy also incorporated photography into his proposal, telling his future bride that the reason he was taking her up on the roof was so that they could do a photoshoot with the city skyline in the background.

Jeremy Vuolo is the subject of the only other artistic photograph that Jinger Duggar has shared with her Instagram followers. On May 5, the Counting On star posted an image of Jeremy standing in front of a towering wind turbine and staring up at the sky.


After seeing Jinger Duggar’s work, some fans are calling for her to pursue a career as a professional photographer. However, she currently has no such plans. For now, she just wants to help her preacher husband with his ministry work.

As many fans are aware, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar discourage their daughters from pursuing careers outside of the home, but it’s okay for the girls to help their husbands: Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard work together on the mission field, and Anna used to assist Josh Duggar with his used car business. However, Jinger Duggar doesn’t have to follow her parents’ rules now that she’s a married woman. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she’s already broken the Duggar family dress code by wearing pants.

She may be a bit of a rebel now, but her mother says that she used to be an extremely obedient child. In a new Counting On webisode, Michelle Duggar talks about what Jinger was like as a little girl. The mother of 19 says that Jinger witnessed Jessa getting in trouble all the time, and this scared her into behaving herself.

“Jinger was very compliant,” Michelle said. “If I even had to say, ‘Don’t do that,’ you’d think she was going to cry!”

You can see if Jinger Duggar flips the script by breaking more of her family’s rules when Counting On premieres June 12 on TLC.

[Featured Image by Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]