‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Are Fans Voting On ‘BB19’ Cast And Deciding Who Wins The Money?

Big Brother 19 spoilers have been hard to come by this spring, but it’s possible that the BB19 cast is being decided by fans of the show. CBS is currently running a contest (pictured below) where fans are voting on the most memorable houseguests that have participated in the reality competition show. This is where a high number of Big Brother 19 rumors have surfaced, as a lot of fans are convinced that this is a way for production to get more fan favorites on the show.

A website set up for CBS explains that there are five rounds of voting that will take place. It’s a bracket voting process as well, meaning there is a chance some of the fan favorites could actually get eliminated in the first round. Many of the names will be very familiar to die-hard fans and they include Mike Boogie Malin, Evel Dick Donato, Frankie Grande, Dr. Will Kirby, Britney Haynes, Nicole Franzel, Jordan Lloyd, and Janelle Pierzina.

Some of the matchups are relatively close so far, but others are really one-sided. Voting is tabulated immediately on the same screen, allowing fans to see how their favorites are doing. An example of a one-sided vote is Rachel Reilly at 85 percent, while her opponent Shannon Dragoo is at just 15 percent. It seems pretty clear that Rachel is about to easily advance in the brackets. Would fans enjoy seeing Rachel Reilly in the BB19 cast?

It’s important to point out that there has been no confirmation from production that these Big Brother 19 spoilers are actually true. This could just be a way for CBS and show producers to generate extra interest in the show before it debuts this summer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, BB19 cast notifications have already been sent out to potential houseguests that made it to the semi-finals of the selection process.

That bit of information made some fans feel that the BB19 cast could be entirely new, but as viewers have seen in most of the recent seasons, former houseguests are also brought back as part of twists within the game. Could it again be the case that production brings on a new set of houseguests and then also selects former competitors from the contest currently taking place? Bringing back fan favorites is certainly an easy way to generate good television ratings.

For fans who watched last summer, a quick reminder is that Nicole Franzel was the Big Brother 18 winner. She beat out fellow finalist Paul Abrahamian in the jury vote (5-4), taking home the $500,000 prize for her efforts. Nicole was a returning houseguest and so was James Huling, who ended up finishing third place as he focused more on his showmance with Natalie Negrotti than actually winning the season. James did end up getting named Fan Favorite for his efforts.

The Big Brother 19 season premiere is on June 28 and the summer 2017 episodes will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Julie Chen is returning as the host, bringing her familiar flair to a show she has been with for almost 20 years. Outside of those facts that have been confirmed by CBS and show producers, not a lot is known about how the reality competition show will work in 2017. This has led to quite a few Big Brother 19 rumors popping up on social media.

So is it possible that fan favorites could be returning to be part of the BB19 cast? This is where social media could help with an answer, as a hint is typically revealed when a former houseguest suddenly goes silent on Twitter or Facebook. The countdown to the season premiere is already taking place and there is less than a month until the Big Brother 19 production will begin, as the houseguests enter the game a few days before the first episode.

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