‘Return To Amish’ News: Sabrina High Released From Jail, Custody Details Revealed

The news came out recently that Sabrina High, of Return to Amish, was arrested on drug charges. Fans know that Sabrina had lost custody of her daughter before and are now curious how things are going for her. Starcasm revealed the news that Sabrina is now out of jail and they also have details about her custody battle. Sabrina, who is now going by the last name Burkholder, was in jail for 10 days before her release. The Inquisitr shared the details about what she was arrested for when it happened.

Sabrina High is now back on Facebook and sharing what went down with her plus updates on her daughter. One of her first posts back was a dig at some fans, and thanking others.

“Thanks to everyone who sent me letters while I was locked up!! The nice ones helped alleviate the hate mail I was receiving…. Telling me to overdose and die. Sorry still kickin!”

She actually gave an update on the custody of her two daughters as well. Sabrina High had a few shocking things to say about her little girls. Fans saw on Return to Amish that she had lost the rights to her older daughter, Oakley, but was still pregnant with her latest little girl on the show. Sabrina shared that both of her little girls are doing great, which is promising news, but they aren’t living with their mom at all.

Sabrina High actually said that in August it will be one year since she has been able to see her little girl, Oakley. Her daughter Ariana isn’t in her life at all. The last time that Sabrina got the chance to hold her little girl was a week after she was born. This was back in December. She shared that she really wants to hug them and isn’t able to do that at all.

Sabrina ran into the girls’ father at court and said that he was shocked to see her there. She said that she couldn’t share any more details about what happened with the girls because of the show, but the updates will air on Return to Amish. At least fans will be able to get an update on Sabrina’s daughters, and she says that they are doing well. While she was in jail, Sabrina was sent pictures of her daughters and was at least able to see what they look like now. She does have plans to share photos of them on her social network in the future.

There was another exciting update from Sabrina High about the girls.

“My caseworker also told me that my sister in law who has custody of them has shared that she wants me to be in their lives bc she thinks its important. As long as I stay clean, she will work with me.” She is glad the girls are together, and now Sabrina has a goal of staying clean so that she can be in their lives. Only time will tell if she actually sticks by this plan and gets to be in the life of her little girls.

Sabrina High said that she has a sober companion and it sounds like she is planning to stick with being sober. She also shared that her friend, Billy, passed away while she was in jail, but he did come see her while she was there in what sounds like a dream. This is going to be hard for her to get through and stay clean, but Sabrina is pushing through.

Are you shocked to hear that Sabrina High isn’t getting to see her little girls at all now? Do you feel like she will ever get custody of them back? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Return to Amish on Sunday nights on TLC.

[Featured Image by Sabrina High/Twitter]