‘Fallout 4’ Is Free To Play And Discounted This Weekend On Xbox One, Steam

Players who have yet to explore the Boston wasteland as the sole survivor in Fallout 4 can do so for free this weekend. The post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda is free to play over the weekend alongside a hefty discount on the title. Both the base game and the season pass are marked down for the duration of the event giving new players a chance to pick up the game on sale after they try it.

Right now, players on Steam and Xbox One can download and play Fallout 4 for free. The download for the base game is about 30 gigabytes. The free weekend ends on May 28 at which time a purchased game license will be required to continue playing. This offer is available to all Steam users and Xbox One players with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, according to Bethesda.

The free weekend includes all the base Fallout 4 game has to offer. Although the downloadable content is not available for free, players can download and experiment with mods for the game. On these platforms, Fallout 4 mods are quite extensive with many featuring custom content like new textures, new gear, cheat terminals, and unofficial patches.

Fallout 4 free on PC's Steam platform, Microsoft's Xbox One
Face off with vicisous creatures like the deathclaw [Image by Bethesda]

All official patches and new features, like the survival mode, will be available to players over the free weekend. As the Inquisitr reported, a survival mode is now part of Fallout 4 after a free patch added the hardcore option in the spring of 2016. Players that enjoy any of the features the game has to offer can pick up the game for $19.80, a 67 percent discount, before the weekend ends.

The Fallout 4 season pass is also on sale over the weekend. The season pass is normally $50 across all platforms, but it is discounted to $30 for this promotion. The season pass includes six pieces of downloadable content, three of which add a plethora of items specifically for settlement building. Steam players can find both the free base game download and details on the season pass on the Fallout 4 Steam page. Xbox One owners can download their client from the Microsoft website.

Another settlement probably needs help after players meet Preston Garvey [Image by Bethesda]

Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 2287. Players control and customize the protagonist known as the “Sole Survivor.” The main character wakes up in Vault 111 after being frozen for a number of years. The premise of the game is to find the character’s missing child while exploring the Commonwealth. Along the way, players will interact with several different factions, encounter mutated creatures, and likely establish settlements across the map.

Like previous entries in the Fallout franchise, players will recruit companions to aid them in their journey. This includes the animal companion met early in the game; the dog named Dogmeat. Throughout the game, players will find and craft gear to better equip their character and their companions for what they face. As a vault dweller, players have access to the iconic Pip-Boy for all of their menu-driven needs like managing inventory.

Although optional, a large part of Fallout 4 is the settlement system. Players can explore the Commonwealth to find static areas perfect for establishing a new settlement. These communities can be populated with settlers that will farm, barter, and protect their new homes. Each settlement can be linked together with caravans and its resources will need to be managed in order to be successful. The player can earn caps from settlements, trade with their shops, and visit their facilities to craft.

With Fallout 4 being free this weekend on Steam and Xbox One, players can preview all of the base game’s features like settlements, its array of quests, the perk system, and much more. Free access to the RPG will end in the afternoon of May 28 for Steam users while Xbox One players have until the day of May 28 ends. The Fallout 4 sale on both platforms will continue for at least one day after the free period ends.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]