‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Linsey Godfrey Back at ‘B&B’ – Shares Instagram Pic From Set

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers confirm that Linsey Godfrey is back as Caroline Spencer on B&B, and that could mean trouble for the hot new romance of Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fode) and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). It could also mean another twist coming for Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and his rocky love life. Caroline’s unexpected return to LA could be a troublesome interference for many plots.

Linsey Godfrey Shares Photo From B&B Set

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased Caroline’s possible return, but Linsey Godfrey has been issuing denials perhaps because she wanted to break the news herself. Sure enough, at 3 p.m. Eastern today, Thursday, May 25, Linsey shared a pic on Instagram of herself on the set next to B&B‘s new 30th-anniversary logo to show that she has indeed returned.

Linsey captioned the photo, “Bum buuummm buuuuuuummmmmm… Caroline is back.. stay tuned.”

So, what does that mean for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and current storylines? There are two major storylines that could be impacted by Caroline Spencer’s return, and both have to do with father and son that are currently at war: Thomas and Ridge. Will Caroline’s return deepen the divide between the two?

Bum buuummm buuuuuuummmmmm... Caroline is back.. stay tuned ????

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Is Caroline Back for Thomas?

With Thomas and Sally finally hitting the sheets on today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Caroline might have sensed a disturbance in the force and is back to claim her baby daddy. Caroline and baby Douglas have been a sensitive subject for Sally who sees herself as much less refined than the women Thomas usually pairs up with – and she’s not wrong.

Caroline took off with baby Douglas to stay with family across the country, so maybe absence did make her heart grow fonder. After all, who could forget that hunky bod that Thomas is rocking? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Thomas and Sally announce their new business venture since Thomas is fired from Forrester Creations, so Caroline’s return could rock this new couple.

What If Caroline Is Back for Ridge?

It seems far less likely from recent Bold and the Beautiful spoilers that Caroline would be back for her ex-husband, but then again, he’s single and needs to massage his wounded ego. Since Thomas has Sally, perhaps Ridge would make a play to reunite with Caroline, particularly if it would distract him from looking in Quinn Forrester’s (Rena Sofer) direction.

Ridge broke his marriage with Caroline with his Douglas lies and bossy ways, and nothing has changed about Ridge. He’s still the same jerk as always. However, since Ridge fired Thomas, there’s no way that Ridge would let him also walk away with Caroline. If Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Caroline is back for Thomas, no doubt Ridge will try and sabotage things.

When Will Linsey Godfrey Next Air on B&B?

The official timeline for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers is that CBS Daytime shoots three to 10 weeks ahead. That means we could see Caroline back in LA as soon as late June or all the way to late summer. There’s also no word on how long Caroline is sticking around. All Linsey Godfrey shared is that Caroline is back, so there’s still a lot of mystery around her return.

There are also no official Bold and the Beautiful spoilers that relate to a possible Caroline return, so those are being held close to the vest. The good news is that B&B fans will get to see adorable little Douglas Forrester spend quality time with his hot dad, Thomas. But how will Sally react to seeing Thomas with his son and will her insecurities get the best of her?

Will Sally and Caroline Face Off Over Thomas?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tell us Thomas and Sally are in bed together and soon to be in business together soon, so “Tally” is official as a couple. Now that they are in this relationship full tilt, it doesn’t seem likely that Sally would give up and let Caroline waltz away with her man. But that might be just what Caroline hopes to do with her return to LA.

Caroline’s return might be short lived and only to serve as an obstacle that must be overcome for Thomas and Sally to commit to one another fully. One thing is for sure: With the news of Linsey Godfrey’s return, all eyes will be on Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to see what she’ll be doing and how it will affect Thomas, Sally, Ridge, and others.

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