‘Supernatural’ Season 13 Will Definitely Not Have Mark Sheppard’s Crowley

There is bad news for Crowley fans within the SPN Family. Supernatural Season 13 will definitely not see Mark Sheppard’s King of Hell. As previously feared, based on the actor’s Instagram post yesterday, he has decided to leave the role. While fans are understandably upset, many viewers vowed not to stop watching because of the exit of one of the main actors.

Sheppard joined the cast as a recurring role in Season 5. After the mention of his character in earlier seasons, it took until “Abandon All Hope” for the character to finally get a face. He quickly became a fan-favorite and would later become one of two only guest characters to become series regulars, with Castiel’s Misha Collins the second.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead.

There have been questions about Crowley’s character in the past, with numerous occasions where it looks like he has died. One of the most questionable moments was in the Season 10 finale when it looked like he had been killed by a blood-thirsty, cursed Castiel. Questions about his character’s fate surfaced earlier in May, but many fans hoped that Crowley had pulled the same trick as he did in Season 10. Unfortunately, it looks like his death in the Supernatural Season 12 finale is final.

Some fans believe it is a fitting death. Crowley chose to sacrifice his life to seal the rift caused between the two worlds, stabbing himself with an angel blade. However, some fans are upset that his death was shrouded by numerous others.

TV Line reports that Sheppard initially hinted that he wouldn’t be in Supernatural Season 13 on Tuesday. He shared a picture on Instagram, with a caption thanking the SPN Family.

Rumors about his decision to exit are circulating the fandom. There are suggestions that Sheppard had a disagreement with some of the management; in particular, with co-showrunner Andrew Dabb.

Producer Jim Michaels did make it clear on Twitter that there was the opportunity for Sheppard to return. However, the actor quickly fired back a reply to say that wouldn’t happen. While there are many dead characters reappearing now and again, with some of the most recent including Mary Winchester and Bobby Singer, Sheppard says that there are “no plans” to make a comeback. It doesn’t look like this was his choice, either, which certainly suggests that there were problems behind the scenes.

The actor also confirmed to fans that he wouldn’t be back at any Creation-run cons, further disappointing Supernatural fans. However, there is the possibility that he will be at others.

The good news is Supernatural Season 13 only appears to be losing one main character. Despite Castiel’s death in the finale, Collins and his co-stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, have confirmed that the character will be back. Fans suggest that this will be the other world Cass instead of the usual one, or that the twist is the other world Cass died in the finale, saving the much-loved character.

There are many questions surrounding the future of Supernatural Season 13. Padalecki also shared that there would be a Scooby-Doo crossover story in the 16th episode, although it is unclear whether that is true. Season 13 will still be in planning stages, and the 16th episode is unlikely to have been considered in detail just yet.

All that is clear is Sheppard will not be returning. It looks like he has plans to return to music, although there will be plenty of doors open for acting. Right now, it also looks like there are no plans to bring Crowley back in another body. Fans didn’t take it too well when that happened temporarily in Season 11.

Supernatural Season 13 will return to The CW sometime in the fall, airing on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

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