Anthony Weiner Is Going To Jail, Huma Abedin Files For Divorce, Wants Custody Of Their Son Jordan Weiner

Anthony Weiner is headed to jail, for at least two years, for sexting via Skype with a 15-year-old North Carolina girl for at least three years. Weiner’s estranged wife, Huma Abedin, has filed for divorce for real this time and will likely be awarded full custody of the couple’s son, Jordan Zain Weiner. Jordan Weiner, now age 6, likely does not know why he will not be seeing his father for the next few years but this time, Weiner will not be able to avoid punishment because his sexting included the corruption of a minor, even if it was a virtual molestation. Anthony Weiner fell a long way in a short time, going from a mayoral candidate to the subject of a Sundance documentary to a convict.

But oddly enough, Huma Abedin, senior advisor to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, stayed with husband Anthony Weiner living under the same roof until his conviction this month, knowing that he intended to plead guilty of sexting via Skype with a minor child and had also “sexted” via Skype with other women with their son Jordan in the room. In fact, in the last year, a blurred out image of Jordan Weiner had appeared on the cover of newspapers, accompanying his father, clad only in his underwear. Huma Abedin publicly claimed to still be “working on her marriage” after feds started investigating Anthony Weiner for sexting with a child and endangering the safety of their own child.

Even friends of Abedin were said to be puzzled as to how she could still be with Weiner after it was rumored that he was using the same laptops as were used by Abedin while working on the Clinton campaign. While Abedin is not being accused of criminal behavior in this matter, it certainly looked as if she used bad judgment. Abedin is now looking to sell her story as the topic of an autobiography.

TSR Staff: @avah_taylor on IG! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Disgraced ex-Democratic congressman #AnthonyWeiner pleaded guilty in federal court Friday (May 19) to sexting a 15-year-old girl. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As part of his plea agreement, Weiner, 52, must register as a sex offender and has agreed to not appeal any sentence between 21 to 27 months in prison, USA Today reports. He also agreed to surrender his passport and iPhone as part of the deal. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In court, Weiner admitted to “sharing explicit images” with the North Carolina teenager, who he knew was underage, and ”encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct.” He reportedly broke down in tears as he apologized to his victim. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “I have a sickness, but I --- Read more at TheShadeRoom (link in bio!). (????: Conservative Tribune)

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Former Rep. Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty last week to participating in a several months-long sexting relationship with a 15-year-old North Carolina girl, which included virtual role-playing and sending obscene material to a minor. The investigation into Weiner’s flirtation with the high school sophomore by the FBI was said to have reignited the investigation by James Comey into email gate as the same laptop Weiner used for sexting was also used to store Clinton campaign emails.

Anthony Weiner, 52, pleaded guilty to the single charge that can carry with it years behind bars, claiming that he is sick. Weiner gave a statement to the judge about his condition.

“I am guilty, your honor. I engaged in obscene communications with this teenager, including sharing explicit images and encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct, just as I had done and continued to do with adult women. I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful.”

Though the charge can carry over five years behind bars, it is thought that the U.S. prosecutor will ask for between 21 to 27 months behind bars for Weiner in a federal prison, and Weiner will also have to register as a sex offender. Huma Abedin filed formally for divorce after Weiner entered his plea, putting an end to the marriage that was officiated over by Hillary Clinton at a wedding that was also attended by Weiner’s mentor Chuck Schumer.

Though Anthony Weiner has made several statements over the years, first stepping down from the House of Representatives as to his misdeeds, he has now admitted that he sought help for his deviant behavior in a sex addiction program.

“This fall, I came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness. I had hit bottom. I entered intensive treatment, found the courage to take a moral inventory of my defects, and began a program of recovery and mental health treatment that I continue to follow every day. I accept full responsibility for my conduct. I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse. I apologize to everyone I have hurt. I apologize to the teenage girl, whom I mistreated so badly. I am committed to making amends to all those I have harmed. Thank you.”

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But it’s not just Anthony Weiner’s relationship with Huma Abedin that has now been permanently changed by Weiner’s crimes, but also Weiner’s relationship with his son Jordan, now age 6, and living with his mother, political consultant Huma Abedin. Child therapy expert Beth Covelli says that Weiner’s relationship with his son has been forever altered and will never be normal again.

“While he isn’t watching CNN, he’s now a 6-year-old boy who won’t fully understand why he won’t see his dad.”

Because Weiner will be a registered sex offender, it is likely that even after getting out of prison, Anthony Weiner will only be able to see Jordan with supervised visitation, as he showed poor decision-making skills in the past when Huma Abedin left the child with his father, Anthony Weiner.

“When he’s eventually able to see his dad, he won’t be able to play with his father by himself. He may never be able to have unsupervised visits with his father.”


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Covelli suggests that Jordan Weiner would benefit from some therapy to understand why his father is now behind bars.

“It’s alright to have a conversation about daddy breaking the law and daddy having to pay for what happened, but one that’s appropriate for his development. He may have to go to therapy to see what he was really exposed to. On some levels, this will become the norm for him and he will develop coping mechanisms as he grows older. It’s a terrible thing to happen overall, but children are resilient and adults sometimes don’t realize just how much they are.”

Do you think that Anthony Weiner will do at least two years behind bars? Do you think that Huma Abedin will go through with the divorce from Weiner, or will she once again take him back?

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