Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress Photo Alleges 2017 Cambodia Marriage To Brit After Brad Pitt Divorce [Debunked]

Photos of Angelina’s Jolie’s wedding dress have been making the rounds on the celebrity rumors circuit these past few months after an In Touch front page cover claimed Angie got married to a British man just eight months after the split with Brad Pitt. This would be Angelina’s fourth marriage if the tabloid’s article was true, but based upon other reports, it seems safe to say this surprise wedding is likely fake news.

Back in April, In Touch ran a cover story declaring, “Angelina’s Shocking Surprise: Wedding In Cambodia! Marriage No. 4 Just 8 Months After Split With Brad.” The tabloid was running with the idea that Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad was being fast-tracked in order to allow a new marriage to a “wealthy, 40-something Brit.” Angelina’s dating of this “philanthropist business man” was supposedly being “shielded” from the public “by her closest friends.” Worse, Angelina’s children were supposedly out of the loop and had not yet met their new future father figure despite a wedding being planned.

“A quickie wedding would be the ultimate payback [to Brad Pitt],” claimed an unnamed “family friend” who is the supposed source for In Touch.

While Angelina does have a history of quickly remarrying after her previous divorces, in this case, there are Angelina and Brad’s six kids to consider, making a quick divorce and new marriage very unlikely. In April, Gossip Cop pointed out that “this tabloid has a proven history of making assumptions and trying to mislead its readers” and an unnamed source of their own claimed that Angie’s 2017 wedding rumors are “beyond ridiculous.”

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Fast forward in time and In Touch has been doubling down, riding the celebrity rumors train full steam ahead. Now, they are running a cover allegedly showing Angelina Jolie’s wedding in Cambodia. The front cover and the way it features Angelina’s wedding dress are designed to give the impression that Angie has already been married. But if you break open the tabloid, In Touch is claiming Angelina is still planning a future 2017 wedding in Battambang, Cambodia.

The latest edition is still alleging that Jolie has “quietly fallen for a wealthy 40-something British philanthropist and businessman, and she’s eager to marry for the fourth time as soon as her divorce from Brad is finalized.” The same “family friend” is supposedly spilling the beans on the movie star’s plans for a small wedding that celebrates the Cambodian culture. Pitt is supposedly not “standing in her way anymore.” The funny part is that no one knows the name of Angelina’s dating partner, his age, or any other major life detail.

In this case, Gossip Cop claims the “tabloid is stepping in it further and further, as the only thing that stinks around here is the magazine’s dreadful reporting.” The real problem is that it’s not merely bad information from an unknown source, Gossip Cop alleges that In Touch “has simply been making it all up” by generating fake news.

What is the truth? After all, there have been secret celebrity marriage ceremonies in the past, including well-known names like Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Ryan Gosling, and Eva Mendes. In the end, In Touch and its secret “family friend” stand alone in reporting Angelina Jolie’s wedding plans, while Gossip Cop has a source claiming that the tabloid has “created a soap opera-worthy, but false, narrative.” It seems safe to say this celebrity news is debunked. What do you think?

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