May 25, 2017
Chris Blue, Who Won 'The Voice' 2017 Finale, Teases Release Of His Album After Season 12

Chris Blue, who has just won The Voice 2017, has revealed more details about his upcoming album after winning Season 12 finale. The NBC reality show ended on Tuesday, and the Tennessee native with a strong musical background emerged victorious. Blue, considered an underdog in the season, was guided by singer Alicia Keys.

By now, fans know a lot about The Voice Season 12 winner Chris Blue. They know that he is an ardent fan of WWE wrestling. They also know that he did not have enough faith in his abilities. He did not even believe that he could be in the music reality show. In fact, he was the last contestant to be selected from the blind audition round.

Chris Blue said that he got valuable advice from his mentor, Alicia Keys, regarding achievements in life. Keys told him that, if he could imagine it, he could achieve it. Just before the winner's name was announced, he was thinking about his own name. He was picturing in his mind how it all started in June 2016, when he went to Atlanta for the audition. From standing among thousands of aspirants to winning the show, Blue has surely come far.

Alicia Keys mentored Chris Blue to win The Voice 2017.
Alicia Keys mentored Chris Blue to win The Voice 2017. [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for WE]

Chris Blue has a lot to thank his mentor for. She taught him a lot of things during The Voice Season 12. However, one of the most important things she taught him about live performance is that he should not be overtly conscious about impressing his audience. She forbade her team against going on stage and "try to do it."

"Because you're human beings, not human doings. Don't try to do anything, just be it."
Fans are obviously quite curious about Chris Blue's first album that is supposed to arrive after his victory. The Voice 2017 winner talked about it in his exclusive interview with the Entertainment Weekly. He said that he would not like his fans to be waiting long for his first album to arrive. In fact, he wants to start working on it right away.

"Listen, we won The Voice last night so that means today is a day we're gonna start working hard. Work starts right now," Blue said. "So, friends, the album will come out really soon. We don't want to keep anyone waiting, and I'm eager to get to work!"

Chris Blue, who won The Voice 2017 on Tuesday, wants to keep in touch with other contestants of the show. According to him, he is already in touch with all of them. He called Lauren Duski, the runner-up of the show, "a doll" and Aliyah Moulden his little sister. He calls Anatalia Villaranda "Rocket" and considers her as his little sister as well.

Omg I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS REAL!!!! faithfulness rewards!! Life has had its struggles and the obstacles have had their days of victory but we NEVER quit!!!! Did we @aliciakeys and now I can finally call myself and to every person that believed prayed and loved from the beginning!! My fiancée parents siblings and ALL OF YOU!! We are champions!!!! @nbcthevoice @wwe #teamalicia #teamchrisblue #teamlove #family #thevoiceseason12winner

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Interestingly, conducted a poll to find out what its readers thought about the final result of The Voice 2017, and 77 percent believed Duski should have won the show, instead of Blue. She was a clear favorite to win the music reality show, until results suggested otherwise. She was also the only singer in the final four to co-write the winner's single.

Chris Blue seems to be surprised by his win as well. He never believed he could be a part of The Voice Season 12. He did not consider himself good enough for the show. He did not even want to try for it, as he thought nobody would "turn a chair" for him. For him, the most surprising incident happened when he was selected for the show.

The Voice 2017 winner Chris Blue believes his victory was possible because of the team that supported him. Everyone showed a lot of love to him during the process. And, he is "super grateful" to them.

[Featured Image by Chris Blue/Instagram]