May 25, 2017
'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis Suggests Landon Deal With Her Own Messes And Stop Being So Judgmental

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis in wondering why Landon Clements keeps saying that Kathryn is going after her when every word out of Landon's mouth of Southern Charm seems to be a dig thrown at Kathryn who after six episodes, has had a total of six minor scenes. Fans on social media are also siding with Kathryn as Landon is mocking Kathryn for seeking help in rehab, and working a twelve step program attempting to make amends at those she has wronged. And other Southern Charm stars Shep, Craig, and Austen have all suggested that it's Landon with is behaving small and petty rather than Kathryn. Kathryn Dennis is now suggesting that Landon starts working on her own personal growth rather than spending her time taking petty pot shots.

And Landon Clements continues to believe that she is the victim of Southern Charm fans on social media, as she posted a tweet to Southern Charm star Shep Rose asking if Landon had always been shallow and tone deaf. Landon puzzled fans by posting the negative tweet about herself and asked if fans thought they were going to score points with Shep by dissing Landon as if Shep had backed her up, but he hadn't on Twitter or on the show. In fact on this season of Southern Charm Shep Rose has expressed his frustration about Landon being a snob to his friends, and then at Patricia's Indian dinner, he called Landon out for her lack of compassion. So in response to Landon's tweet, fans thought it was even more ironic that Landon believed that Shep and other cast members would actually come to her rescue.

Southern Charm fans believe Landon is being cruel and judgmental after she criticized Kathryn for writing letters of apology to Thomas and Whitney as her twelve step program dictates she should. Landon and Cameran who obviously know little about AA suggested that apology letters were manipulative. Many fans thought it odd that Cameran knew so little about programs like AA, particularly as she spoke out last month about her husband, Jason Wimberly, a Charleston doctor, and his own brush with the law after his own driving while intoxicated.

And now Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has responded to Landon and her finger pointing by saying that hot mess Landon should stick to working on her own personal and professional issues, as Landon has been portrayed as a serious social climber and gold digger, as she seemingly is seeking the help from Whitney's mother Patricia Altschul to nail down a wealthy second husband agreeing with Patricia as she says to Landon "It takes money, honey."

"Social climbing? Girl, you are messy. The only thing I'm trying to climb are my own mountains..maybe you should focus on climbing yours."
But Kathryn also stressed gratitude toward Southern Charm friends Shep Rose Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover for their compassion, as they reached out with messages of support as soon as Kathryn got home from her time in rehab.
"I wish there were less judgmental people in the world. Thank you @C_Conover -- you've always been an exceptional friend with a big heart."
While Kathryn has reached out on Twitter to thank those who have supported her in her personal battles, she is also encouraging Landon to start working on self-reflection. Kathryn posted hearts and thank you messages to fans who have supported her in her work addressing her sobriety and her ongoing legal battles to get her children back from ex Thomas Ravenel. A Twitter follower called SC Beach Girl praised Kathryn Dennis in her progress.
"Is it weird to be proud of someone you've never met? Your ability to overcome challenges is inspirational #liveandlearn #comeoutstronger."
Kathryn continues to say that without messages from her Southern Charm fans and their messages of support, she would never have felt strong enough to fight so hard and return to the Bravo show.
After months of tabloid rumors allegedly saying that Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis had failed drug tests since rehab, she shared all of her tests results proving that she had indeed been clean the whole time with urine and hair tests. Kathryn stresses that turning over a new leaf is the most important thing she has ever done.
"Making sure that my tests are absolutely clean each month is the most important thing I have ever done. That is the only way I can get shared custody of Kensie and Saint, and that is what I am doing."


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Do you think that Kathryn is right and that Southern Charm star Landon should stop criticizing others and instead work on herself?

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