May 25, 2017
'Final Fantasy XVI' In The Works, To Feature Agni As Main Protagonist [Rumors]

Square Enix is reportedly working on the highly-anticipated continuation of their hit franchise – Final Fantasy XVI – with Agni as its main character.

Earlier this week, avid fans of the Final Fantasy franchise were hyped up after rumors of a possible Final Fantasy XVI game development surfaced online.

In a recent report by DualShockers, it has been revealed that an "anonymous" game company posted an intriguing job ad on the Japanese website, ECareerFA.

In the said job ad, the anonymous company stated that they are in search for a 2D artist intended to work on a "super famous RPG series." The job post also noted that the artist will be assigned to do various tasks, which include creating the image for "a certain RPG's numbered title."

In addition, the artist will also work on concepts of towns, fields, dungeons, and map icons. It will also include the creation of vehicles, weapons, items, and background props such as furniture and emblems.

The anonymous company also wants the candidate to be quite knowledgeable about design and importance of the world view.

According to reports, the job description appears to be for "a game in the concept, pre-production, or very early production phase." Apparently, the need for such amount of concept art to be created might mean that the game is still in its early stages.

'Final Fantasy XV' is the latest installment of the Final Fantasy franchise. [Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]

Although the company's name is not specified, many assume that Square Enix was the one behind the intriguing job post.

Interestingly, reports pointed out some "obvious" hints linking the anonymous company to the Japan-based game giant.

Apparently, the company is described as having a reputation of "huge RPGs" and online games as well. It was also noted that the anonymous game company also has a digital entertainment business which provides "high-quality games with unique world views and "a large number of million-seller."

Additionally, the secretive company also owns an amusement business focused on the Taito Station arcades, a publishing business for manga, and a licensing business – all of which similar to Square Enix's ventures.

Lastly, and perhaps the most striking similarity, is the location of the company's headquarters. Sources revealed that the anonymous company is located in Tokyo, a minute away from the Higashi-Shinjuku station – the very same place where Square Enix building is located.

Although the excitement for Final Fantasy XVI is already building up, it is worth noting that Square Enix has not officially confirmed the development of the said game. The game giant also has not confirmed that they are indeed looking for artists to work on the said project.

Square Enix is reportedly the company behind an intriguing job post looking for artists to work on the alleged 'Final Fantasy XVI.' [Image by Jae C. Hong/ AP Images]

Meanwhile, rumors also claimed that Final Fantasy XVI will feature a female protagonist named Agni.

To recall, Agni appeared in a Final Fantasy tech demo called Agni's Philosophy. The said demo was revealed at E3 2012 and was re-shown in Sony's PlayStation 4 Conference on February 2013. Agni was also featured in another tech demo titled WITCH – Chapter 0 (cry) in May 2015.

Apparently, the tech demo aims to give a glimpse of what a future Final Fantasy game might look like using Square Enix's Luminous Engine game production environment. The said engine was developed to create games for eight generation consoles.

A teaser trailer for Agni's Philosophy was actually released in 2012, showcasing an impressive cinematic display. Avid fans of the Final Fantasy franchise find Agni's character as a fitting protagonist in future installments of the game, especially with her sacred dragon.

Agni from the tech demo 'Agni's Philosophy' is rumored to be the protagonist in 'Final Fantasy XV.' [Image by Agni's Philosophy]

So far, Square Enix has not confirmed whether or not they are currently working on Final Fantasy XVI with Agni as its protagonist. Fans of the hit franchise can probably expect an update when E3 arrives in the next few weeks. For now, check out Agni's Philosophy trailer below to get a glimpse of the possible lead character in the next Final Fantasy installment.

[Featured Image by Agni's Philosophy]