Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Relationship To Go Public, But They’ll Never Marry

The wheels are definitely turning in regards to the long-rumored romance between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The rumors began stirring way back in 2013 and have recently crested with the announcement that Holmes and Foxx are about to go public with the relationship. They’ll never get married, though, Foxx notes.

Katie Holmes Wants to Go Public

An anonymous source recently confirmed that Katie and Jamie are preparing to go public with their relationship gradually.

“They’re going to go out to dinner more often,” the source told Us Weekly. “They plan to start going public.”

On Monday, The Daily Mail reported that Foxx, when asked about his romantic entanglement with Katie Holmes, responded that the rumors about it are just “fake news.” The response is similar to the one he has given for years when asked about his more-than-friends arrangement with Holmes, and it suggests that maybe the anonymous source was incorrect.

The publication did note, however, that Foxx’s response sounded shallow and unconvincing. Is it possible that Katie Holmes and her beau are really getting tired of keeping up this charade and are ready to let the world know they are together?

People reports Holmes and Foxx were spotted together just yesterday boarding a private jet out of Paris, so it seems that things between them are just as serious as ever. It would be perfectly understandable if Katie is indeed tired of covering up everything she does with Jamie as a couple.

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Holmes and Foxx go way back, although Katie’s now ex-husband Tom Cruise prevented them from dating when they met. This photo is from an NFL game they all attended together back in 2006. [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

Holmes and Foxx are Never Getting Married

Though they might be getting ready to go public, the relationship between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is not of the type that will lead to marriage.

In fact, Foxx shut down the idea of marrying Katie Holmes — or anyone else, for that matter — just this Tuesday when he went on Howard Stern, notes E! News.

“Are you still not into marriage at all?” Foxx was asked at one point.

“Nah,” he said bluntly. “Why blow it?”

Not that Katie Holmes is going to take issue with the anti-marriage sentiment. The two have been together for years, and he has not been candid about his views against the institution. Some of what he has said actually points directly to his currently underway veiled relationship with Holmes.

“I don’t know if I’m built for marriage,” Jamie said when he went on Oprah in 2012. “I know one thing, I’m a very loving person. When it comes to connecting with somebody then being like there…I know I could be long-term in our connection.”

“This is what I say to all of my friends that are in this business; whoever you’re dating, don’t let anybody know.”

If that’s not solid evidence of Foxx’s disreputable nature when it comes to his own long-term relationships, we don’t know what is.

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The point is, Katie Holmes knows that Foxx is not a proponent of marriage, and she is obviously fine with that. So although it probably goes without saying, Gossip Cop confirms that the recently propagated rumor that Foxx and Holmes are planning a secret wedding for this Summer is absolutely false.

We will probably get some more detailed info on what exactly is going on with the couple sooner rather than later, if Us Weekly‘s source is to be believed. Keep in mind, though, that neither Katie nor Jamie has yet come out and confirmed the relationship, and rumors about them that turn out to be false are not uncommon. In other words, take the announcement with a grain of salt.

For Holmes’ and Foxx’s sake, though, let’s hope they don’t need to lie about their love lives much longer.

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