Pizza Hut Debuts Perfume Line In Canada

Pizza Hut has debuted a bizarre perfume that smells exactly like a slice of the company’s pie, according to the Globe and Mail.

Of course, the scent isn’t meant to be taken very seriously. The perfume is actually nothing more than a social media gimmick designed to draw some attention to the company’s Facebook page.

The idea was born on the company’s official page after the social media team posted about capturing Pizza Hut’s aroma and selling it as perfume.

Although the whole started as a joke, the response to the product was overwhelming. Over 2,000 people liked, shared, or commented on the perfume when all was said and done.

Adam Luck, managing director of digital for ad agency Grip Limited, explained that they jumped at the opportunity to transform the joke into something fun, different, and viral.

As for the perfume itself, Luck explained that it “smells like dough with a little bit of seasoning added.”

“We did a couple of rounds … trying to get the right smell. All of them were not fun. Cheese. You’d think cheese smells nice. Not so,” explained Beverly D’Cruz, marketing director for Pizza Hut Canada.

Once an aromachologist had worked some magic in the laboratory, Pizza Hut got its hands on the pizza-scented fragrance. Instead of selling the item on retail shelves, the marketing team decided to use it as a curious social media gimmick.

According to The Huffington Post, the company said the first 100 individuals who messaged them about the perfume on Facebook would receive a bottle of the fragrance to call their own. The bottles will reportedly arrive at their destinations in time for someone to receive it as a gag gift on Christmas.

What do you think about Pizza Hut developing its very own line of perfume? Is this something you would want to smell for yourself?