‘Survivor: Game Changers Finale’ Preview: Who Is Your Favorite To Win It All?

Tonight marks the final episode of the 34th season of Survivor, aptly titled “Game Changers.” In this season, players from former episodes had the opportunity to win the game for the first or even the second time. Sandra, who won the game on two separate occasions, had the chance to win it for the third time. After many weeks of scheming and labeling herself as “The Queen,” her plotting ran dry, and she tasted defeat for the first time in her entire run in the game.

Spectators of this season have experienced a significant level of alliance-shifting, blindsides, and broken promises. As always, idols have been found, and immunity challenges have been both difficult and life-saving. After 39 days in the Mamanuca Islands, there will be one person who will be voted by the jury to claim the million dollar prize. The list of names heading into the final episode that the fans can choose from consists of Brad Culpepper, “Troyzan” Robertson, Sarah Lacina, Tai Trang, Aubry Bracco, and Cirie Fields.

Brad Culpepper is a prime example of someone who managed to stay in the game due to winning an immunity challenge. Although he was public enemy number one and knew he was going to get voted out, he was able to win his most crucial immunity challenge, shifting the attention to someone else. As a result, Brad is still in the race to win it all.


Troyzan has been able to act as an important utility hand for the tribes, and he went under the radar. While traditionally, jurors do not credit this as a good strategy, Troyzan was able to maintain his temper for most of the season and refrain from being an easy target.

Many believe that Sarah has played the best game so far. Learning from her mistakes when she competed in the Survivor: Cagayan season, she has been able to align with the right people nearly every week to make the big power moves, facilitate the blindsides, and use the legacy advantage – given to her by Sierra – to steal a vote.

Tai, as during his run on Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, was able to dominate challenges and find multiple hidden immunity idols to plow his way to the final six. While the jurors felt that in his previous season, his game was not strong enough, Tai conversed with fellow tribe members about this very issue and hoped to convince the jury this season was played differently. For Tai, leveraging his pair of idols could prove his case that he played a better game.

Aubry used her ability to last in challenges and employed a sound strategy to outwit 14 other castaways in order to get to the final six. It will be interesting to see what Aubry will present to the jury regarding why she should be the winner if she is able to last to the final three. However, based on her passion for the game, this may not be the final time we see her if she is unable to win.

Cirie, while not very strong in challenges, has been able to make the right friends at the right time. Typically, this is a significant advantage heading into the finals, since the jury is the one voting the winner. Perhaps the most costly mistake was using the legacy advantage on Sarah when she was just responsible for holding it. Not reading the fine print that stated it is non-transferable, she lost Sarah’s trust with her decision. However, she was able to convince Sarah that it was for her benefit, hoping that it would quickly soften the blow of using the advantage against her.

As always, the results will be announced at the reunion show, in front of a live audience, former castaways, and fans watching at home. It should be very interesting to find out who is the ultimate Survivor Game Changer.

Who earned your vote to win it all?

[Featured Image By Matthew Peyton/Getty Images]