‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Nicole And Maya Battle For Custody Over Lizzy, Sasha To Be Surrogate?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that there is trouble brewing between the Avant sisters and Forrester family, and that baby Lizzy could be the focus of the drama. Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) and Zende Forrester (Rome Flynn) believe that a baby will complete their family, and have been trying to conceive. However, Dr. Caspary (Jacqueline Hahn) has burst the couple’s dreams by telling that Nicole cannot have children. Will Nicole now lay claim to her biological child that her sister Maya (Karla Mosley) and brother-in-law Rick (Jacob Young) are raising as their own? Will Maya and Rick willingly give up their child without a fight, especially since Lizzy may be the only child that they will ever have because Maya is transgender?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans themselves are puzzled at the latest development in the long-time running CBS soap opera. How can Nicole be infertile if she just gave birth to a healthy baby girl a few months ago? Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful indicate that during the week of May 22, 2017, Nicole will receive this devastating news as per Soap Central which will send her into a tailspin. Nicole will then seek a second opinion about her infertility status and once again her hopes of becoming a mom will be dashed. Will Nicole accept that she cannot bear her own children? Moreover, now that she has bonded with Lizzy, will she lay claim to her child once again? Does she regret handing over her only child to Maya?

Nicole Vs. Maya: Who Will Win The Custody Battle? Rick May Have The Deciding Vote

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Nicole will resent Maya for raising the daughter that she carried. The spoilers also indicate that it will cause a rift between the Avant sisters and may end up in a custody battle between the two, especially since Nicole never regretted giving Lizzy to Maya and now that she is faced with a childless future wants to change her mind about Lizzy.

However, The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Maya and Rick have always come away the winners on this soap, so it seems likely that they will keep Lizzy. First of all, it may be in the best interests of the child not to be tossed willy-nilly from couple to couple, especially since Rick and Maya are good parents. Also, secondly, Rick is Lizzy’s biological dad after all, and Maya and Rick have already established a firm parental bond with Lizzy.

Some The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Nicole could miraculously fall pregnant and end up having her and Zende’s child, while others note that adoption may be the option that the writers lean towards because of Zende’s own adoption story.

Will Sasha Come To Nicole’s Rescue?

Another option would be the third half-sister Sasha (Felisha Cooper). The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that it could serve as Sasha’s redemption comeback after the fallout with Nicole over Zende. Sasha could help Nicole attain her goals of motherhood by being a surrogate mother for her, especially if she reassures Nicole that she has put the whole Zende drama behind her and that she no longer has any feelings for him. She could also be a surrogate mom for Maya, in the unlikely event that Rick and Maya lose custody.

Is Zende Father Material?

What’s the deal with Zende wanting to become a dad anyway? The Bold and the Beautiful message boards are filled with viewers shocked at the impulsive, life-of-the-party never-wanting-to-settle-down Zende wanting to become a dad. They point out that when Nicole was pregnant with Lizzy, he couldn’t even look at her and moved on with his life. What has changed?

Well for starters, Zende didn’t like the fact that she was pregnant with another man’s child despite the fact that she was carrying Lizzy for her sister. Perhaps Zende wants to put down roots of his own because he always felt as if he was an outcast among the Forrester family. Having his own biological child would be important to him, a firm blood tie, because he doesn’t have blood ties of his own because he was adopted.

Who do you think baby Lizzy belongs with: Maya and Rick or Nicole and Zende? Stay tuned as we keep you posted with the latest The Bold and the Beautiful news.

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