Jimmy von Thron Is Going All Out For Love: Look Out ‘Bachelorette’ 2018, He’s Coming For You

One man is going all out for his chance to find love on the popular reality dating show The Bachelorette. Jimmy von Thron is trying to prove to Bachelor casting personnel that he has what it takes to make America and the next lucky Bachelorette star for the 2018 season swoon and fall in love with his caring heart, intelligence, tons of humor, and of course, good looks.

Jimmy started his quest to be on The Bachelorette after watching a past episode with a friend, who jokingly suggested he apply. Jimmy decided to put together an audition tape for fun, but when it got over 10,000 views on YouTube during the first week, Jimmy felt he may actually have a chance to be cast on the show.

Jimmy has made not one, but now two audition videos to earn his chance to possibly find love. Jimmy’s first video was directed toward current Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay. Jimmy shared the audition on You Tube in hopes of generating support from fans of The Bachelor. Jimmy created a knock off of the Elle Woods Harvard video essay from the movie Legally Blonde for his audition.

Jimmy demonstrated throughout his video the qualities he has that will make him a great Bachelorette contestant. His humor and use of Bachelor language throughout his video are outstanding as he approaches a random woman and asks her to accept his rose. Jimmy follows it up by tossing rose petals onto an unsuspecting woman on a park bench as he asks her if she is “here for the right reasons.”

Jimmy von Thron wants to find love on 'The Bachelorette'

The first audition video Jimmy made was great, so why wasn’t he cast for Rachel’s season? Unfortunately, Jimmy sent in his audition tape too late and casting for Rachel Lindsay was already complete. The Bachelor casting crew must have also thought the video was unique with a lot of potential because they asked Jimmy to reapply for the 2018 season. Jimmy took that request very serious and followed up his first hit audition with a second video. The second video, also shared on YouTube, is even funnier than the first. In the video, Jimmy walks the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida, approaching unsuspecting women and repeating famous Bachelor lines to them.

Jimmy starts the video showing the audience two props he will be using — a bouquet of roses and a baby — which he says he is using to show off his sensitive side. He asks one woman if she thinks it’s attractive when a guy cries every time he talks about his feelings. Jimmy used Nick Viall as an example of this happening on The Bachelorette. Further into the video, he even hilariously repeats, “Cry like Nick, cry like Nick.” Jimmy continues through the video using lines from the show on various women, asking them if they will accept his rose and if they are there for the right reasons. He even makes one lady choose between him and another guy on the beach.

Jimmy von Thron with James McCoy Taylor from 'The Bachelorette'

The Inquisitr was able to catch up with Jimmy via email to get the inside scoop on his quest to be on The Bachelorette and learn more about the Jacksonville, Florida, native. The 24-year-old former Princeton football player is now living in Dallas, Texas, working as a software consultant, but his passion is international ministry. Jimmy has been on mission trips to Jamaica, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Honduras. In adding to his already impressive resume, Jimmy is fluent in Spanish and volunteers at a medical clinic in Dallas once a week, where he translates for Spanish-speaking patients.

In Jimmy’s first video, he shocks all when he mentions that he is a virgin. The Inquisitr asked him about the statement and if it is true.

Jimmy said, “Yep! I take my faith very seriously and am waiting for marriage. I know that it is extremely counter-cultural and downright strange to remain abstinent in 2017 America. However, I also know that it will be worth it when I finally get to marry my future wife. It definitely raises a lot of eyebrows when I tell people that I’m waiting, but I’m comfortable with being different.”

Jimmy von Thron is hoping to find love on 'The Bachelorette'

Jimmy seems to have it all, so why is he still single?

Jimmy explained, “I’m honestly just very picky. I refuse to date a girl who is not a Christian, which isn’t always easy to find. I also have a very big personality, which can be a lot to handle at first. However, I’m a big believer in just being yourself, so I know that the right girl will like me for being me.”

What is Jimmy looking for in his future bride?

Jimmy told the Inquisitr, “I’m looking for the opportunity to meet an incredible woman, while also looking for the chance to have incredible experiences across the globe and meeting amazing people. The type of woman I would want to find would love the Lord, love me, and would be able to embrace my huge goofy personality.”

Jimmy seems to be an ideal candidate for the next season of The Bachelorette. If that doesn’t work out, perhaps if that doesn’t work, America could see him as a future Bachelor star. While everyone waits to hear if Jimmy will be joining the 2018 cast, the current season of The Bachelorette is currently airing Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by Jimmy von Thron/Facebook]