‘Roseanne’ Reboot Could Give Three ‘Big Bang Theory’ Stars More Bang For Their Buck [Video]

Get ready for the ultimate TV show crossover when the reboot of Roseanne, which will reunite the original cast, adds a big bang by using some of the current stars of The Big Bang Theory. While TV shows increasingly use crossovers to boost ratings or to add an unexpected plot twist, blending some actors from The Big Bang Theory into the Roseanne reboot takes the concept to a new level because of how much time has passed since the original Roseanne aired.

One of the current Big Bang Theory stars, Laurie Metcalf, provided the details of the eight-episode Roseanne revival to ET. Laurie, 61, played Jackie Harris in the original ’90s comedy.

“Everybody’s on board,” revealed Metcalf. “I think contracts have been hammered out and all that.”

The original cast members slated to star in the reboot include Roseanne Barr as Roseanne Conner and John Goodman as Dan Conner. As for what to expect, Laurie teased the possibilities.

“I can’t imagine where the writers would take it — it could be open to anything. I can only imagine there’ll be a lot of laughs among the cast.”

Metcalf currently plays Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper, on The Big Bang Theory. And Laurie’s role as Sheldon’s mom is staying all in the family because Metcalf’s daughter, Zoe Perry, was just chosen to portray the young version of Mary Cooper in The Big Bang Theory spinoff, Young Sheldon.

“She [Zoe] got that great Big Bang spinoff job, which is so wonderful,” gushed Laurie. “I just love…the little boy [Iain Armitage]. The cast is absolutely adorable and it’s set in the ’90s because it’s Sheldon at age eight, I guess.”

The "Roseanne" reboot will utilize some cast members from "The Big Bang Theory."

In addition to borrowing Metcalf from The Big Bang Theory, the Roseanne reboot calls for Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner to reprise her role. Just like Laurie, Gilbert has appeared at varying times on The Big Bang Theory. Sara helped The Big Bang Theory to celebrate its 200th episode, noted Us Weekly.

Gilbert’s character of Leslie added romantic suspense to the show, with her ex Leonard (portrayed by Johnny Galecki) at one point attempting to rekindle their romance. The scene was more than fiction, however, because Sara and Johnny dated in real life before Gilbert announced that she realized she was a lesbian.

Prior to co-starring in The Big Bang Theory, Galecki played a couple with Sara on the original Roseanne. So will Johnny reprise his role as David Healy on the Roseanne revival after having worked with Metcalf and Gilbert on The Big Bang Theory set?

Deadline reported that the mission is to have all of the key cast members of the original Roseanne appear in the reboot, “including The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki.”

What was so special about the original Roseanne that has generated so much enthusiasm for the reboot? The publication pointed out that Roseanne “remains a gold standard for its realistic portrayal of a working-class American family.” The sitcom featured the Conners, a family who just managed to hold onto their lifestyle. The reboot is viewed as part of the networks’ effort to show the lifestyles of average Americans.

Original "Roseanne" cast members including Laurie Metcalf, John Goodman, Roseanne Barr, Michael Fishman, and Sara Gilbert will star in the reboot.

In its official announcement, ABC announced the Roseanne reboot during the network’s upfront presentation.

Scheduled for 2018, the eight episodes will include Roseanne Barr as Roseanne, John Goodman as Dan, Sara Gilbert as Darlene, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie, Michael Fishman as D.J., and Lecy Goranson as Becky. Sarah Chalke also portrayed the character of Becky in some seasons, but she is slated to take on a different role. The network released a video teaser, shown below.

The network also issued a statement about the fictional family featured in the reboot.

“The Conners’ joys and struggles are as relevant — and hilarious — today as they were then.”

The Roseanne reboot will show the family continuing to deal with money challenges. The original sitcom received multiple awards during its nine-season run on ABC, including a Peabody Award and a Golden Globe Award for best television series (comedy or musical). Barr and Goodman both took home Golden Globes for best performance by an actress and actor. In addition, Barr earned an Emmy as lead actress, while Big Bang Theory star Metcalf received two supporting actress Emmys for her work on Roseanne.

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