Is Ben Affleck Still Batman? DC Producer Charles Roven Provides Update

Ever since Ben Affleck dropped out of directing his long touted solo outing as Batman, there have been some rumors that he also wanted to drop out as its leading actor, too. But Charles Roven, a producer for the DC Extended Universe that is currently doing the rounds promoting Wonder Woman, has now dismissed such concerns, insisting that Ben Affleck’s replacement as director, Matt Reeves, is getting along famously with the actor.

“I mean, I’m not really involved with The Batman. We have a cursory involvement because that character is going to touch us some way. If Ben plays that character it’s going to touch some part of what we are doing. But I have no feeling whatsoever except positive that Matt loves Ben and the work that he has done as Batman, and Ben thinks that Matt is a really terrific filmmaker. I have every expectation that they are going to make a movie together.”

Charles Roven made this admission to JoBlo, as he made it clear that, in his opinion, the DC Extended Universe is still on schedule and that Ben Affleck is still firmly a part of the posse. Ben Affleck made his debut as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, before reprising his role in Suicide Squad, both of which were released in 2016 and were met with critical disdain. Affleck will return as the superhero in Justice League, and it is even rumored that he’ll appear in Wonder Woman briefly, too.

Charles Roven provides Ben Affleck update

Ever since Ben Affleck signed up to the DC Extended Universe, it has been heavily speculated that he would write, direct, and star in his very own solo Batman film. This was finally confirmed shortly after Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice hit cinemas and superhero fans then eagerly waited for a release date for the film to be confirmed. It never arrived, and Ben Affleck’s comments only complicated the matter even further as he repeatedly insisted that the film was still in pre-production and teased that the scriptwriting process was actually a lot harder than anticipated.

By January 2017, it was finally confirmed that Ben Affleck would be dropping out as director of The Batman, which led to speculation surrounding whether or not the film would ever see the light of day. Following Ben Affleck’s departure, Forbes then insisted that, according to some of their sources, Affleck might even decide to leave as the main actor in Batman, too.

“Unfortunately, among the things I heard about his departure as director, I heard a few specifics that, if true, lead me to worry there is at least a chance Affleck could also walk away from starring in the picture. I don’t feel those concerns are as likely to bear fruit, and I still expect Affleck will finish the screenplay as planned and then start prepping for the role by getting into ‘Batman shape’ to ensure he’s physically and mentally prepared for the role. That said, I do believe there’s a chance now that Affleck could depart the project as an actor, winding up merely serving as cowriter and producer.”

Ben Affleck is still Batman, insists Charle Roven

However, Warner Bros.’ announcement in February, 2017, that Matt Reeves had been hired to direct the impending blockbuster put pay to that speculation, especially after Ben Affleck tweeted his own excitement that the Let Me In, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, and War For The Planet Of The Apes filmmaker had joined the team.

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for an actual release date for The Batman, but those of you that want to see Ben Affleck as the superhero can do just that when Justice League is released in November of this year.

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