Abby Lee Miller Claims She’s ‘Not Ready’ For Prison

Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller will be headed to prison in just a few short weeks, but the reality TV alum admits that she isn’t ready at all. The famous dance coach was recently sentenced to a year and a day behind bars for bankruptcy fraud, bringing money into the United States unaccounted for and hiding around $775,000 in assets from the government. She has been ordered to pay a fine of $160,000 and, as a result, has been granted the ability to leave the state while she does paid appearances and makes the press rounds.

The reality TV star has stated that she wants to serve her time close to Los Angeles so she can get some word done while she’s in the clink. Abby Lee Miller has hinted that she will be preparing a new series that she describes as “where Dance Moms should have left off.” It will be scripted, and she hinted that there might be some supernatural elements to it.

According to Abby Lee Miller, though, she’s totally not ready to face the prison music. Although she has a specialist that’s supposed to be helping her prepare, she says she doesn’t feel like it’s really helped her all that much.

“I’m not out taking karate. I’m not in a self-defense class, though, maybe I should be. There’s a woman, who is a specialist, with the bureau of prisons, and she was supposed to — what I thought — prepare me for this. And she told me to take money for toiletries. … I need to find out other things. Like, I wanna know, can I wear socks to bed? Because my feet cramp up and they freeze. Can I do this, do that? Am I going to be able to have a computer there? Am I allowed to have specific deodorant? I have normal questions that a normal person would ask. I’m not getting those answers.”

Interviewers at Us Weekly asked Abby Lee Miller if she had read Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again by Teresa Giudice, a Real Housewives star who served time in a minimum security prison for fraud. Miller expressed that she wasn’t interested in hearing about the graphic details Giudice goes into about her prison sentence.

However, Abby Lee Miller has stated that she plans to work on a tell-all memoir of her own during her 12-month sentence. She also plans to learn Spanish and work on her accounting skills so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes twice.

It is currently unknown if Abby Lee Miller’s Los Angeles studio will continue to run once Abby goes to jail. According to sources, the Los Angeles branch of her dance studio is now for rent. A rep, however, has stated that Abby Lee Miller will remain a tenant at the studio until the building is sold. Her staff will likely take over while she serves her time in jail.

The reality star quit Dance Moms recently with a scathing Instagram post, accusing the production company of keeping her fat, poking their noses into dances when they are not familiar with the art of dance, and keeping a low budget for her costumes. She stated that she thought that perhaps when her successor, Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars, takes over as the head coach for the girls, they might give her a bigger budget than Abby got.

Several of the main girls from Dance Moms have revealed that their contracts ended after the end of this season, but the main producer has stated that the show has been renewed for another season. Without most of the main cast, it is a mystery as to how the show will turn out.

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