Tomi Lahren Has A New Job In The Media

Tomi Lahren has a new job, but it may only be a temporary landing spot.

The Great America Alliance (GAA), a pro-Donald-Trump nonprofit advocacy group, has named the conservative commentator a senior adviser for communications, which is apparently a part-time or side gig.

Lahren told the Dallas Morning News that she has several TV offers on the table to consider and already plans to relocate to media hubs New York or Los Angeles in the fall. She stressed that in considering these options, editorial independence forms a key element.

The GAA evolved from the Great America Political Action Committee, which raised nearly $30 million in the presidential campaign for the Trump movement. “Using her growing national profile, Lahren will help GAA execute communications and messaging strategies to expand grassroots support of the President’s policies across the country,” the organization, which is chaired by Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani, explained in a statement about its new hire, according to BizPacReview.

On May 1, Lahren settled her bitter legal squabble with the Glenn Beck-owned TheBlaze media company, a resolution of both a lawsuit and a countersuit that released her from her two-year contract that ran through September 30 and returned control of her Facebook page (with four million-plus followers) to her. Financial details about her separation from the Dallas-based media channel were kept confidential, however.

Lahren, 24, famously and abruptly lost her TheBlaze TV platform, called Tomi, when she revealed her pro-choice leanings on The View, which created a firestorm on the right and the left. Apparently, this was a flip-flop from her earlier pro-life pronouncements and may have led to her banishment from the Beck channel.

“I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well,” Lahren told The View ladies on March 17, suggesting that pro-lifers are hypocrites.

Previously, the foe of the social justice warrior cohort deemed pro-choicers as “straight-up baby killers.” Beck shortly thereafter suspended production on her show on an indefinite basis, thereby keeping her off the air but on the payroll.

Lahren sued Beck and his media company in early April for wrongful termination, more-or-less arguing that the attempt to muzzle or silence her was equivalent to a firing in violation of her contract.

Beck’s countersuit claimed that the media network was relying on a “pay or play” clause in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, graduate’s TheBlaze contract, which allowed the channel to stop airing Tomi’s show and keep her from appearing on any network as long as the checks continue to clear for the duration. The legal papers also accused Lahren of alleged unprofessional behavior on the set. All this is history now, of course.

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In a statement about her new role, Tomi Lahren expressed these sentiments, per TheHill.

“The liberal establishment and mainstream media continue to fight our President at every turn, so it’s critical for all Americans to step up and do all they can to advance the America First agenda. I’m excited to join the Great America team and continue supporting President Trump and help ensure he can deliver on his promises to the American people.”

A South Dakota native, the former One America News Network anchor essentially became an overnight sensation in July 2015, when a video of her calling out President Obama for lack of leadership in fighting terrorism following the Chattanooga murder of four U.S. Marines and one U.S. Navy sailor went viral.

In a callback to the abortion controversy, Tomi Lahren told the Dallas news outlet that “Most people exist in the gray area — they’re not entirely sure what they would do in that situation.” Like her or not, many Americans are probably similarly conflicted about the sensitive, highly personal issue and may not find themselves in either the 100 percent pro-life or pro-choice camps.

Despite joining up with the pro-Trump group, Tomi Lahren added that “This isn’t about being a Trump cheerleader — this is about being an America first cheerleader.”

Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze network has reportedly lost a significant amount of market share and traffic to its web portal once Beck went full-on #NeverTrump, unlike his former star Tomi Lahren.

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