Melania’s Hand Slap Gets 20K Searches, Claims Trump ‘Doesn’t Want To See Another Video’ Of It By Twitter User

The video of First Lady Melania Trump appearing to slap away President Donald Trump’s hand is still going strong one day after it happened. According to Google Trends, the term “Melania Hand Slap” has gained 20,000 searches on Tuesday, May 23. Google Trends reports that on Monday, May 22, the name “Melania Trump” gained 100,000 searches. Everybody is talking about the hand slap heard from halfway around the world, with the below video, titled “Melania Trump swatting Donald’s hand away,” surging up the YouTube trends list with 5,490,765 views and counting upward, as of this writing.

Uploaded to YouTube on May 22, the video has gained more than 33,000 thumbs-up ratings on YouTube, and more than 7,000 thumbs-down ratings on the video sharing platform. Containing a description that claims Melania slapped President Trump’s hand away when Mr. Trump reached backwards for Melania’s hand, the video is listed as No. 1 on video on YouTube’s Trending list as of this writing. And if a “Rogue White House Senior Advisor” Twitter account is to be believed, the video likely has earned the ire of President Trump as well.

“First Lady Melania Trump swatting away president Donald Trump’s hand on the tarmac in Israel.”

Update: Melania is going viral again for what appears to be a second avoidance of Trump’s hand in a new video, as reported by the Inquisitr.

All the hand-holding avoidance is causing the Trumps to go seriously viral across many social media platforms.

Body language experts are also having a field day trying to ascertain what Melania’s hand slap against President Trump’s hand may have meant.

According to the below popular Twitter account named “Rogue White House Senior Advisor,” a Twitter account with a location that claims its from the West Wing — one that enjoys more than 90,000 Twitter followers, there was a heated response to Melania’s hand slap video.

However, body language experts are listing a variety of reasons why Melania may have appeared to slap away President Trump’s hand. As noted by the ladies of The View in the following video, Melania’s hand slap could be interpreted as something many a wife has done to her own husband when she is mad at the man.

Reaching out for someone’s hand and getting slapped away could mean that there is some kind of anger brewing.

However, Melania may have slapped President Trump’s hand away, as reported by the Independent, in order to express the fact that Melania may not have wanted her husband to treat her as an errant child who couldn’t keep up with Mr. Trump’s faster walking pace. As noted by the ladies of The View, there have been plenty of videos that show President Trump walking ahead of Melania.

Body language experts note the manner in which President Trump reaches back for Melania’s hand in a palm-facing-down fashion as if to drag along a child who isn’t walking fast enough. Any woman who walks around in five-inch stilettos knows, however, how important it is to walk delicately and not too quickly on such towering shoes.

Other experts say that Melania may have only slapped President Trump’s hand away as the duo arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in order to not display too much physical affection in Tel Aviv.

Either way, a plethora of responses to Melania’s hand slap are being published across social media, some of which can be read below.

“I’m sure someone got to Melania right away after the hand slap heard round the world.”

“Still LIVING for that hand slap Melania delivered yesterday.”

“Thing about the Melania hand slap is that Trump didn’t want to hold her hand either. He thought it would look good and she wasn’t having it.”

“While I find the Melania hand slap slightly amusing, don’t let it distract us from the REAL atrocities this is committing daily.”

“Melania and that hand slap tho! Lol.”

[Featured Image by Gali Tibbon/AP Images]