Charlie Sheen Promises Full Cast Reunion For ‘Major League III’

Charlie Sheen is pitching Major League III to make Ricky Vaughn pitch again.

Charlie Sheen wants to bring back one of the most beloved baseball films of all time. Sheen, who played Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in two original Major League films, says he’s got a full-cast reunion for Major League 3.

TMZ Sports caught up with Charlie Sheen on Tuesday, and the Major League actor is dead serious about all the boys from the original 1989 film coming back to film Major League III.

However, there is a major obstacle standing in the way of Major League III entering production, as Charlie Sheen says the project is waiting for a financier.

Having the entire cast onboard Major League 3 is not the only exciting news about the upcoming film, as Charlie Sheen says they have got a “dynamite script” and even a director.

While David S. Ward is reportedly coming back to direct Major League III, Charlie Sheen’s efforts to bring back the new Major League film may be futile if the project never sees financing.

It’s been more than 18 years since the world was introduced to Charlie Sheen’s Wild Thing as well as Jake Taylor, Willie Mays Hayes, and Pedro Cerrano.

Charlie Sheen had a profound effect on the baseball world, as his character’s “Wild Thing” became a baseball anthem. The original 1989 Major League flick was a huge hit in the U.S., becoming a No. 1 film at the box office.

To this very day, Major League films are considered to be one of the best baseball films of all time. And the films certainly wouldn’t be as successful if Charlie Sheen wasn’t part of the cast, which also included Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen, and Wesley Snipes.

It was Charlie Sheen’s commitment to the role of Ricky Vaughn that made the baseball film look so authentic and real. It was also the fact that no digital effects were used in the making of the 1989 film.

Charlie Sheen, who is super excited about Major League III in 2017, was just as super excited about playing a baseball player in the 1989 flick, which is why he would throw 150 pitches a day to master his baseball skills. Charlie Sheen revealed it in his 2011 interview with Sports Illustrated.

TMZ also says Charlie Sheen, who in 2015 went public with revelations that he has HIV, looked “good” during their brief talk about Major League 3.

During his brief chat with TMZ, Charlie Sheen revealed what he thinks about the spike in sales of home HIV test kits following his 2015 announcement.

Saying that it’s “great to be of service at that level,” Charlie Sheen revealed that he’s well aware of the positive effect his HIV announcement had two years ago.

The Huffington Post reported on Monday that Charlie Sheen declaring that he is HIV positive in 2015 boosted sales of home HIV testing kits and even triggered an uptick in internet searches for information on HIV testing and prevention.

The week Charlie Sheen made the announcement in November 2015, sales of home HIV testing kits doubled in the United States, to a whopping 7,000 kits up from 3,500 kits the week before.

It’s doubtful even Charlie Sheen, who is known for his impressive ego, could have predicted the impact his revelation would have.

That trend continued for several more weeks after the Major League actor’s announcement. The media’s frenzy surrounding Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement also boosted the number of Google searches on how to test HIV and prevent it.

Interestingly, Charlie Sheen’s 2015 announcement resulted in an uptick in sales of home HIV testing kits that was nearly eight times bigger than the sales around the time of World AIDS Day on December 1.

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