Ford Recall: Has Your Ford Caught Fire… Lately?

Ford in the United States has issued a recall for 4.5 million vehicles that may catch fire due to a faulty switch.

The recall concerns a cruise control deactivation switch manufactured by Texas Instruments. The switch can (among other things) leak hydraulic fluid, overheat, smoke and then burn, and risks causing a fire even when the ignition is turned off, parked and unattended, the NHTSA said in a media release.

The immediate risk concerns 1.1 million Windstars, with the rest of the 3.4 million vehicles being recalled a preventative step because those vehicles also have the switch.

The Ford Recall List: 1995-2003 Windstars, 2000-2003 Excursion diesels, 1993-1997 and 1999-2003 F-Super Duty diesels, 1992-2003 Econolines, 1995-2002 Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers, 1995-1997 and 2001-2003 Rangers and 1994 F35 motorhomes.


The NHTSA said the recall was the 8th in succession for Ford, bringing the total number of vehicles recalled to a staggering 16 million. The thing that should be pointed out: of the US car makers, Ford is regarded as the most competent :-)