Is North Korea President Kim Jong Un Planning Drone Attack On The South? Latest News Finds UFO In Warzone

Is North Korea President Kim Jong Un planning a drone attack on the South? If the latest news report has to be believed, an unidentified flying object was seen in the war zone between the two countries. It was seen in the Demilitarized Zone which is between North Korea and the South.

The UFO sighting has been claimed by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. The unidentified object that was flying in the region was seen only two days after North Korean President Kim Jong Un test-fired the second ballistic missile in seven days. This was also not the first time the South has claimed about such an object across the border.

Last Sunday, North Korea launched the Pukguksong-2. According to the United States, it a medium-range missile. It traveled around 310 miles from Pukchang in South Phyongan province and landed in the Sea of Japan, South Korean army officials reported.

When South Korean authorities saw such an object last year, they immediately reacted with machine-gun fire. According to the officials, the unidentified flying object went to the North side of the border. According to a 2015 report to Congress from the U.S. Department of Defense, North Korea has more than 1,300 fighter jets in its fleet. It also has an unspecified number of unmanned drones.

According to CNN, South Korea found two North Korean drones in 2014. One of those was found in the city of Paju and the other on the island of Baengnyeong.

Meanwhile, the U.N. Security Council says it is determined to convince every nation in the world to impose stricter sanctions against the North. On Monday, the council was preparing for a meeting in response to the North’s latest missile test. The council slammed the missile test that took place on Sunday. It has asked the U.N. sanctions committee to be stricter in its approach about imposing sanctions against the Asian country.

The council has vowed to take other measures, in addition to the sanctions, to push the North to end its “highly destabilizing behavior.” A statement, drafted by the United States, recorded the council’s view on the issue, while Japan, South Korea, and the United States are going to hold a meeting to discuss further actions against North Korea.

Washington has been pushing for a new U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution with China. However, according to U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, it has not been possible to come up with the final draft text. Haley talked about North Korea President Kim Jong Un who kept testing the missiles.

“This is the same movie that keeps playing.”

According to the ambassador, while some believe the sanctions against the North have not worked at all, it has made a difference to the international community that has come together against the North.

Is North Korea President Kim Jong Un planning a drone attack on the South?

“It lets them know that they are on an island and we’re all against them and that they need to correct their behavior,” the Daily Mail Online quoted Haley as saying.

U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that North Korea’s actions threaten regional, as well as international security. Dujarric urges the North not to engage in such tests and allow “the resumption of meaningful dialogue.”

North Korea President Kim Jong Un continues to ignore international law.

North Korea President Kim Jong Un continues to ignore international law and keep testing ballistic missiles. While the immediate target is believed to be the South, the security of the Korean Peninsula, as well as the international community, will be at risk if the North starts a war against its neighbor.

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