‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Arianne Zucker On Nicole’s Exit Storyline And If She Will Ever Return To ‘DOOL’

Days Of Our Lives fans are not looking forward to Nicole Walker leaving. She is a fan favorite character and viewers were sad when Arianne Zucker announced she was exiting the NBC soap opera. In a brand new interview, the actress teased Nicole’s final storyline and revealed if she would ever return one day.

Possible DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect on the long-running series.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Arianne Zucker has held interviews before regarding her exit from Days Of Our Lives. However, in the latest one, the actress talked about Nicole Walker‘s exit storyline. While she couldn’t reveal any specific spoilers, she did hint to Soap Central that fans might be happy with it.

“Nothing is ever super perfect or tied up with a bow. You can never satisfy all the fans, but I hope there’s some satisfaction for our fans, for Nicole fans especially. Nicole has never been happy, and I think fans have been waiting for some happiness, and they’re waiting for some closure on certain things.”

Right now on Days Of Our Lives, Nicole is on the run with baby Holly. Except there was a complication. As soon as Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and Nicole found some happiness with each other, Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) reappeared. He is working for Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry), who plans on playing hero, but he won’t be fooling anybody. Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) will arrest Deimos, saving Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) and Nicole.

Then, Nicole will make plans to return to Salem. She knows what is waiting for her when she arrives. So, Eric helps Nicole sneak into Brady’s hospital room before authorities find out she is back in town. DOOL spoilers reveal that within the next few weeks, Nicole will either be arrested or turn herself in. However, that is not the end of her story. Arianne Zucker’s final air date has not been released, but sources say the actress did extend her contract to finish out Nicole’s storyline.

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The fact that Zucker knows that fans want a happy ending for Nicole is important. In the new interview, the actress said Days Of Our Lives tried to convince her to stay. However, with Ron Carlivati as the new head writer, perhaps he was willing to give her an ending story that she knew would satisfy fans. She also teased that there might be an opening for Nicole to return in the future.

“But it also leaves the door open for her, as well. So never say never. Never say I’m fully gone. You know with characters on soap operas, we come and we go and we do all sorts of things. But we’ll get some good satisfaction, I think.”

Arianne revealed that with Carlivati on board, it was tempting for her to stay. However, she planned on leaving Days Of Our Lives for two years and it was just time for her to go.

“Yeah, timing is everything. It is really interesting, because I think personally, as a career woman, you have to take risks. You have to do things that you feel are right in your heart. And as much temptation as there was to stay, I made a decision for me, and I like to stick to my plans. I know plans are meant to change, so I’m open to that, but I have a direction I want to go in, and I’m building that. So as much as I wanted to stay and see what Ron had to write, I also wanted to stick to my heart and my goal and my dreams, because you are never, ever, ever, ever, ever too old to dream. Ever. I always tell my daughter that all the time. I say, ‘Mommy still has dreams. And I’m going for them.’ So on a personal level, that’s where I’m going.”

What did you think of Arianne Zucker’s latest interview? How will do you think Nicole Walker will say goodbye to Salem on Days Of Our Lives?

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