Katy Perry Asks ‘Can You See Me?’ In New ‘Witness’ Promo Video And Talks About Sexual Empowerment

Katy Perry posted a new Instagram video to promote her new album, Witness, and it asks, “Can you see me?” Considering the presence that Katy Perry has had in the media lately, it’s hard not to see her. Katy seems to be everywhere lately: on Saturday Night Live, in the magazines, and all over social media. That doesn’t seem to be what she’s getting at, though.

The new video that Katy Perry posted on her Instagram account will make you wonder exactly what is coming in her new album, Witness. Katy is seen wearing a pinkish-orange blouse with lots of puffiness. The background is simple and gray. There is nothing to distract you from her words.

Perry starts the video by asking, “Can you see me? I mean, I know you can see me but can you really see me?” She pauses, looking into the camera. Is she trying to connect with her fans?

As the video continues, Katy Perry tells fans that her name is Kathryn Hudson and that she is not just one thing. Katy names some of the ways she identifies herself, including vulnerable and strong, a woman, an artist, liberated, goofy, and not always right.


Entertainment Weekly says that Katy Perry’s new album is “a whole different side of Katy Perry” with an “evolved sound.” They say that the time between this album and Katy Perry’s last album, Prism, has been transformative.

The song “Bon Appetit” demonstrates her new sexual empowerment. Perry says that she does feel sexually empowered right now and that she’s not being manipulated by other people. “I must have opened up a chakra in my hips at some point because I feel great!” Katy Perry said.

Katy Perry agreed that her new album demonstrates the changes that have happened in her life so far. She’s embraced, surrendered, and healed relationships in her life. Perry says she “built up Katy Perry” and she is still that person but she’ll always be Kathryn Hudson at her core and she’s embracing that fact.

Is Perry a diva like so many people think she is? Backpack boy doesn’t seem to think so. He talked about his impression of Katy Perry after working with her on Saturday Night Live and watching her try to imitate his unique dance moves. Better known as Russell Got Barzz, he is the kid that was on the stage with her on the Saturday Night Live season finale when she sang “Bon Appetit.” He may have stolen the show but he enjoyed his time with Katy Perry.


Russel Got Barzz told Entertainment Weekly the following.

“She was really nice. Not cocky and mean like other famous people, where the fame got to their heads.”

He wouldn’t name names but Russel said he had definitely encountered celebrities like that in the past.

In a YouTube Live video, Katy Perry sat back after an hour-long yoga class and talked to her fans and her live videos do seem to confirm what Russel says. One of them commented, “Media are so bad on you.” Katy responded by saying that we have to remember that the media is not real life. She continued to say that the media doesn’t always understand and sometimes it “gets us into big messes.” A minute later when someone asked who she was, she echoed what she says in her promo video and said, “I’m Kathryn Hudson.”

So, what do you think of this new promo video for the album, Witness? What does it mean? Is it a hint as to what the theme of the album is?

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]