Concertgoers Flee From Ariana Grande Show At Manchester Arena After Explosions Heard, Fatalities Confirmed

Emergency responders have been dispatched to Manchester Arena in the UK following reports of two explosions after tonight’s Ariana Grande concert. According to eyewitnesses and videos recorded of the incident, terrified concertgoers fled the massive arena in terror and panic following the sounds of two massive explosions coupled with the smell of smoke and burning. As Daily Mail reports, the explosive sounds (the source of which has yet to be identified) resulted in a member of the audience running away from the venue in tears.

Reportedly, the explosions were heard just after Ariana Grande finished her performance and exited the Manchester Arena stage.

“Ariana Grange had just finished her last song and left the stage when a huge explosion sounded. Suddenly everybody started screaming and running for the exit.”

Thousands of fans had been in attendance at the Ariana Grande performance, and following the sounds of the two explosions, the attempted exodus from the arena was reportedly chaotic and disorderly as concertgoers attempted to flee the scene as quickly as possible. Emergency service responders were reportedly required to aid in the evacuation of thousands of terrified people, all the while having no answers as to what caused the sounds and smells attributed to the Manchester Arena explosions.

“There were thousands of people trying to get out at once. They were all screaming and crying. The whole place smelt smoky and burnt.”

In the video above, fans who had been watching Grande perform just moments before can be heard screaming and seen desperately making their way to exits in the aftermath of the as-yet unidentified explosions.

While concertgoers have no idea what could have caused the explosive noises and smell following Ariana Grande’s set, at least one attendee of the show said that they sounded like gunshots. Others claimed that the sounds were so loud that they resounded like possible bombs.

“As the Ariana Grande concert finished there bangs like gunshots – it was terrifying so many people running and crying.”

As The Mirror reports, the emergency services response to the situation was large and immediate, with at least five ambulances, 10 police cars, and a pair of riot vans being dispatched to Manchester Arena following calls from distressed concert goers. The Greater Manchester Police have responded to media requests for details and comments by issuing a simple statement confirming that an “incident” was reported and asking people to avoid the area.

“Police responded to reports of an incident at Manchester Arena. Please stay away from the area. More details to follow…”

A spokesperson for British Transport Police added that an incident occurred following the Ariana Grande concert at the arena, although their statement also fell short of confirming that an explosion or explosions had occurred.

“We are aware of an incident at Manchester Arena. We have officers at the scene and will provide further updates as soon as possible.”

Since the reported explosions at Manchester Arena, social media has lit up with people who were on scene when the situation unfolded. Some in attendance claimed that the sounds originated near Victoria Station, which is near the venue. Many who heard the alleged explosions first-hand believed that they were hearing gun shots or bombs, but sources close to the incident are now saying that the terrifying, deafening noises and smells may have been nothing more than a blown speaker.

At this point, authorities have yet to release an official cause of the noises or even announce that a cause has been identified.

At least one person who wasn’t at the show has taken to social media to claim that the sounds were so loud that they heard them “from my bed.”

It has also been reported by eyewitnesses that some who ran from the Ariana Grande show following reports of explosions suffered from injuries and required medical care from first responders.

More information and updates regarding the breaking news of explosions reported at the Manchester Arena following Ariana Grande’s show will be provided as they become available.

***Update: CNN reports that British Transport Police told is in the process of closing some transport in the area near Manchester Arena.***

***Update: Greater Manchester Police have taken to Twitter to confirm “multiple fatalities” as a result of the explosions heard at tonight’s Ariana Grande concert.***

***Update: NBC News reports that at least 20 people were killed in Monday night’s Manchester Arena explosions, and that the number of injured could number in the hundreds.***

***Update: Fox News is now reporting that 19 people are confirmed dead and approximately 50 more were injured in Monday night’s Ariana Grande concert explosions. The news outlet is referring to the explosions as a “terrorist incident,” citing language from an update Twitter post made by the Greater Manchester Police.***

***Update: NBC News reports that the Manchester Arena incident was likely a suicide attack. British Prime Minister Theresa May called the deadly blast at Monday’s Ariana Grande concert “an appalling suicide attack,” and British police are citing forensic evidence, including a body at the scene of the explosion, as evidence of this assertion.***

***Update: Ariana Grande has turned to the social media platform Twitter to speak out following Monday night’s explosion incident, which took place at her Manchester Arena concert. The incident is being investigated as a potential terrorist attack via suicide bombing.***

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