Kate Middleton Dresses: $2000 ‘Fresh’ Flower Show Dress After ‘Matronly’ Dress At Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

Kate Middleton’s dresses are always exquisitely tasteful and tailor-made to match the occasion, and this weekend saw the Duchess of Cambridge play her part perfectly in two very different styles. Kate covered up to deflect attention at Pippa Middleton’s wedding on Saturday, but People shared that she switched it up to “stun” in an eye-catching floral dress at the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday.

For Pippa Middleton’s wedding, Kate wore a peach colored, matronly style dress carefully designed to keep the future queen in the shadows while Pippa shone in a lace wedding dress.

With long sleeves and a below-the-knee hemline, Kate’s bridesmaid dress didn’t have any of the scintillating “Kate effect” that fans of the Duchess’s wardrobe have grown to love.

Kate’s dress for Pippa’s wedding was an unusual choice for her, but along with her low-key, quiet presence, the dress accomplished what it was intended to do. Kate was as much in the background as it’s possible for a future queen to be.

Two days later, the older Middleton sister wowed the crowd in an eye-catching dark green dress with a pattern of bright white flowers emblazoned on it. Green can be a difficult color to manage for someone who could easily have been feeling worn out after the Matthews-Middleton wedding.

Only two days after Pippa Middleton's wedding, Kate looked fresh in her simple dress.

No one would have been surprised if Kate decided to go with a livelier color like pink for the flower show engagement. After all, Pippa Middleton’s wedding was a huge responsibility for Kate as she carried out her promise to keep an eye on the children by managing seven very excited tiny bridesmaids and pageboys.

Two days after Pippa Middleton's wedding, Kate appeared to be completely rested.

But the Mirror wrote that Middleton appeared “fresh as a daisy” as she arrived at the “prestigious” show only two days after Pippa’s wedding.

The Duchess’ dress was deceptively simple-looking but the price tag for the floral masterpiece was over $1900. Of course, the cost of the green Alexander McQueen dress by one of Kate’s favorite designers, Sarah Burton, was still significantly less than the bridesmaid and wedding dresses the Middleton sisters chose.

Pippa Middleton’s dress for Kate’s wedding cost over $3,000, Kate’s Kiki McDonough earrings that matched her pale pink dress she wore to Pippa’s wedding cost $15,000, and Pippa’s wedding dress was upwards of $52,000.

Pippa Middleton's wedding dress was a stunning lace creation

For fans of the royal family, the cost is worth it. Seeing the Duchess of Cambridge in one of her many gorgeous outfits is almost a hobby in itself for some followers, and Middleton’s dress decisions mean instant success for retailers who carry similar styles. Royal watchers love to get a chance to catch up on what Kate wore at her many official engagements.

The Chelsea Flower Show was no exception. With the fascination of Pippa Middleton’s wedding still strong and some leftover “unusual criticism” in the air about Kate Middleton’s old-fashioned dress, her choice for the fashion show was under scrutiny. Honey Nine wrote that the longer tea-length gown at Pippa’s wedding had shades of the eighties in its design and didn’t please many of Kate’s followers.

Middleton is far more likely to choose an “elegant and timeless” hemline just above the knee, and she occasionally adds a couple of extra inches for her own unique look. The green dress was the “perfect choice” of color and length for the flowery opening to the spring social season in Britain. That difficult color, green, “is a fashion favorite this season,” and fortunately, the Duchess looks beautiful in green.

[Featured Image by Ben Stansall /Getty Images]