Huge Tag Team Scheduled To Make Debut On ‘SmackDown Live’ This Week To Start Immediate Tag Title Feud

On WWE Backlash last night, The Usos defeated Breezango to retain their SmackDown Live tag team titles. However, their next challengers will not come from the tag teams they have battled over the last year. PWInsider reported that The New Day will finally make their SmackDown Live debut this Tuesday night and will head into a feud with The Usos for the tag team titles.

Of course, The New Day were traded from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown Live during the WWE Superstar Shakeup but were not on hand like other wrestlers to take part in their debut, as the WWE wanted to wait until Kofi Kingston was recovered from his foot surgery so they could debut all three men together.

This was actually hinted at around the time of the WWE Superstar Shakeup. Big E Langston said in April that he was informed that The New Day would be off television for awhile. He didn’t like sitting around, so he began to officiate weddings for people. Meanwhile, Xavier Woods kept busy promoting his YouTube show “UpUpDownDown.”

Huge Tag Team Scheduled To Make Debut On 'SmackDown Live' This Week To Start Immediate Tag Title Feud

This was all a way to keep the anticipation up for when The New Day finally made their debut on SmackDown Live. The team became the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history on Monday Night Raw when they eclipsed the previous record held by Demolition. They now get a chance to become the first tag team to hold both the Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live tag team titles in the new era.

This New Day return would be a huge deal as the WWE already celebrated Alexa Bliss being the first woman to hold each brand’s women’s title. With The Usos beating Breezango, they have pretty much beaten all the competition on SmackDown Live, which is discouraging since American Alpha was supposed to be the biggest face team on the brand after coming up from NXT but failed to connect with fans on the main brand.

The New Day return is also important for another reason for the WWE. Tuesday night, the WWE Network is debuting Fantastic Ride, a special about The New Day. By coming back on Tuesday, The New Day will be able to promote the WWE Network special while kicking off their new angles on SmackDown Live as well.

Huge Tag Team Scheduled To Make Debut On 'SmackDown Live' This Week To Start Immediate Tag Title Feud

The actual reason for The New Day remaining sidelined until now was due to the injury of Kofi Kingston. The storyline reasons for his injury was that The Revival took him out in a brutal attack and the WWE reported that the attack caused fragments to break off the ankle bone. In reality, Kingston needed surgery anyway, and the attack was used to explain his absence from television while putting The Revival over.

Sadly, the push that The Revival should have received following the brutal attack was stalled when Dash Wilder was also taken out with a jaw injury that required surgery. Based on the timetable, The Revival should return to Monday Night Raw by the middle of June.

With The New Day making their WWE return this Tuesday night, SmackDown Live now has a tag team roster that includes The Usos, Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango), American Alpha, and The Ascension. The arrival of New Day will offset the loss of The Vaudevillains, after the release of Simon Gotch, and the Hype Bros, after the injury to Zack Ryder.

With such a limited roster of tag teams, The New Day will move right into a SmackDown Live feud with The Usos and possibly lead into the SmackDown Live tag team title match at Money in the Bank and possibly again at SummerSlam. On Monday Night Raw, The New Day held the tag team titles on two occasions, with the second lasting 483 total days.

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