Jessica Simpson Responds To Pregnancy Rumors, Slammed For Continuing Dumb Blonde Image

Jessica Simpson is the latest in a long line of celebrities that have been rumored to be pregnant. Recently, Radar Online reported that they could see a small bump underneath the popstar’s dress at a friend’s wedding. The star also faced pregnancy rumors back in December of 2016 with tabloids reporting that getting pregnant would help her “save her marriage” to her hunky husband, Eric Johnson.

The former pop star-turned-fashion mogul took to The Ellen DeGeneres show to address the rumors that she and Johnson are ready to welcome a third baby.

“I’m not pregnant. We got an IUD, nothing’s gonna get in that uterus. I have two beautiful children, and I’m not having a third. They’re too cute … you can’t top that.”

She revealed that her seven and a half year relationship is the longest one she’s had yet, and despite anything else that’s happened with them during the day, her husband is always keen to give her a back rub.

“Every night he does since I was pregnant, hands down, even if things aren’t going great and he’s still snoring, somehow he knows how to massage my back,” she said.

These days, the former singer is an ultra-successful business woman and routine makes over $1 billion with her clothing line. Jessica Simpson is far more successful as a clothier than she has ever been in show biz.

There have been rumors that the star, however, wants to take the plunge back into show business and start her own reality show with her sister. The show, an insider revealed, is planned to rival the Kardashians.

As most reality TV show viewers are aware, Jessica Simpson appeared on the reality show, Newlyweds, with her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, in the early 2000s. With Simpson’s endearing, if not “dumb blonde” nature, she could be very successful with a new show–that is if her relationship with Eric Johnson is half as entertaining.

But while Jessica Simpson used her time on The Ellen Show to quash pregnancy rumors, some news outlets were not pleased with her continual “dumb blonde routine.” Huffington Post, for example, criticized the star heavily for what they said was a cringeworthy interview.

“DeGeneres [was] trying to keep Simpson on track as she subjected everyone to a painfully off-topic story about mermaids for hire and fumbled over basic math when asked how long she’s been with husband Eric Johnson,” they wrote.

In addition to Jessica Simpson’s story about hiring mermaids for her daughter’s birthday party, when she dished on her relationship with husband, Eric Johnson, she said she hadn’t been with anyone that long, apart from a woman. Ellen DeGeneres gave the camera “the look” as Jessica attempted to clarify that she meant her best female friends.

Aside from her recent The Ellen Show blunders, the star hinted on the CBS Morning Show that she might actually be releasing some new music soon. The star, once known for her vocal prowess, hasn’t put out any original music of her own since 2008. But that is expected to change very soon, at least her fans hope.

Although Jessica Simpson isn’t pregnant, she has a lot of things to smile about these days. Her father, Joe Simpson, was diagnosed with prostate cancer late in 2016, which reports say really worried Jessica and her younger sister, Ashlee. However, it has been reported that after a series of radiation treatments, Joe is now cancer free and both Simpson women are ecstatic about it and happy that he can spend time with his grandchildren now.

Whatever Jessica Simpson’s next move is, there will surely be an eager audience of fans waiting and watching.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]