Aaron Rodgers’ Retweet Got A Whole Class Out Of Their Final Exam

Aaron Rodgers just got a whole lot cooler in the eyes of a group of high school kids in Janesville, Iowa. On May 19, Peyton Meyer sent a message to Rodgers on Twitter, asking him to help get his class out of their sports literature final. The deal, made by teacher Laura Roberts, was that if the class of high school juniors and seniors could get Aaron Rodgers to retweet a certain photo of the class, she would cancel their final. Check out the tweet that Peyton sent below.

The Green Bay Packers’ Quarterback saw the message and decided to be the hero of the class by retweeting the message, but he made sure to add a little note of his own. While Rodgers made note of the importance of a sports literature final, he decided to go ahead and give the kids what they want. His message was certain to thrill their teacher too, who made the deal with her students because Aaron Rodgers is her favorite NFL player.

“We were talking about the news in sports like we do every day, and she mentioned that a student at another school tweeted at Kobe,” Meyer said to ESPN. “We asked if we could do the same, and we know she loves Aaron, so that’s why we picked him.”

According to ESPN, it only took 20 minutes for Aaron Rodgers to see the tweet from Ms. Roberts class asking that he retweet them. Apparently, the post made an impact on Aaron because he retweeted quickly, noting that the exam certainly was important but that he was going to go ahead and retweet to pay it forward.

It’s safe to say that there was a lesson even in the social media activity. After all, Meyer said that the class talks about sports news every single day. Now they can talk about their class making the news after Aaron Rodgers saw their tweet that included a picture of the class with Aaron’s faces projected onto the whiteboard and remember how he saw their tweet and shared it.

At this point, Peyton Meyer’s tweet has racked up 160 retweets and 680 likes. That’s not bad for a high school kid from Iowa, but his brand new notoriety goes much further than that. Aaron Rodgers’ retweet of the photo and request has also garnered quite a bit of attention with more than 2,000 retweets and 11,000 likes already. Not to mention that the story about Peyton’s sports literature class has been picked up by at least a dozen news outlets and blogs. ESPN even commented on their tweet about the article that they wrote, saying that Aaron Rodgers was “coming up clutch” for the high school class, something he often does while making huge plays during key football games.

Of course, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the first sports star to get a class out of their final exam. Kobe Bryant, who retired last year from the Los Angeles Lakers, did something similar recently for a class in Indiana. William Pate had photos taken of himself and his teacher shaking on a deal they made. According to Pate, the deal was that if Kobe Bryant retweeted their photo, he would let the class out of their exam too.

That time around, it was a government class so at least in Peyton Meyer’s case, the retweet was at least related to the subject matter. Either way, it would be pretty exciting for a high school student to get attention like that from such a major sports star. Let’s just hope that the recent trend of canceling a final exam in exchange for a celebrity retweet doesn’t become a new trend on social media.

[Featured Image by Al Bello/Getty Images]