Man In Guy Fawkes-Style Mask Wielding An Ax Is Terrorizing Children In Glendale, Arizona

A man in a Guy Fawkes-style mask wielding an ax is chasing and threatening children in the Glendale, Arizona area. The brazen intruder in the clown mask has approached groups of children at least twice in broad daylight in recent days.

Glendale police are searching for the unknown man in the Guy Fawkes mask who appeared at the San Martin Apartments last Wednesday. The police received a 911 call on May 17 stating a tall, thin man jumped over the fence at the apartment complex and threatened the children playing outside after school.

Multiple children who live at the San Martin Apartments had early dismissal from school last week and were enjoying their time off when the stranger toting the ax started chasing them around the complex.

None of the children were physically harmed during the incident, but the youngsters were emotionally traumatized.

Jennifer Moody is among the many parents not just at the apartment complex but in the Glendale area, who are afraid to let their children go outside and play. Moody said her son Ruben came running to her and when he arrived he was out of breath, in tears, and crying.

“This isn’t a game. These are our children and they deserve to be safe,” the concerned mother added.

“You better run because we are coming for you,” Ruben Moody, one of the children who frantically ran from the man in the Guy Fawkes mask, said the unknown intruder shouted at him and the other Glendale youngsters playing outside at the apartment complex, ABC 15 News reports.

“I turned around and all of a sudden I see a clown go by and then he just starts running at me,” another boy who fled in fear, Dominic Altman, told local reporters. “I thought I was going to die today.”

Upon searching the area around the San Martin Apartments, Glendale police officers discovered both a Guy Fawkes-style mask and an ax. The Arizona law enforcement officers found no sign of the threatening man described by the children when searching the field where the mask and ax were found.

The investigation into the disturbing incident is still ongoing. Glendale police officials are still not sure if the man in the clown mask were truly attempting to harm the children or was merely playing some type of sick practical joke on the incredibly frightened youngsters.

“We definitely are concerned that there’s possibly someone out there trying to hurt children,” Glendale Police Department Sergeant Scott Waite, said during an interview with AZFamily.

The shocking incident at the Arizona apartment complex last Wednesday was not the first time children in the area were recently approached by masked suspect. Reports of a masked individual in the neighborhood first surfaced a week before the most recent incident.

“My son came home crying, saying some guy was chasing him, apparently it was with a clown mask,” Greg Altman, a father-of- two who also lives at the San Martin Apartment complex, told local reporters. “I was just worried about my kids being outside while this is going on.”

Glendale police officers released the photos of the Guy Fawkes mask and the ax in the hopes that someone would recognize the items and come forward with information to help them with the case. Arizona law enforcement officers do not yet have any true description of the suspect.

Even though no injuries to children have been reported in connections with the clown mask sightings, if the suspect is arrested Glendale police say he will likely be charged with aggravated assault felony charges.

[Featured Image by Gabriel Petrescu/Shutterstock]