‘Alaskan Bush People’ Returning For Season 7: Brown Family Filming ‘Farewell To Browntown’ Amid Cancer Rumors

Alaskan Bush People is reportedly returning to the Discovery Channel for Season 7. More than one Alaskan Bush People Facebook fan page has shared that production of Season 7 is currently underway. According to one Facebook fan page, the Discovery Channel has no “intentions of ending” Alaskan Bush People. The page also shared less than a week ago that Brown family members are filming a “Farewell to Browntown” episode amid recent rumors that Brown family matriarch Ami Brown has cancer.

Alaskan Bush People Exposed posted an update last Tuesday on filming for Season 7. According to the post, Alaskan Bush People cast members are filming a full season of the popular and long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series. The post goes on to say that even though the Brown family is filming a “Farewell to Browntown,” this “does not mean the show is over.” Alaskan Bush People fans have been worried since Season 6 ended in March that there won’t be a Season 7.

Rumors have been swirling since the last episode of Season 6 aired on March 15 that a return of Alaskan Bush People for another season is under debate for several reasons. With the Brown family members scattered across the U.S., and the Discovery Channel’s lease of the Browntown land in Alaska almost up, loyal fans have been wondering if an Alaskan Bush People, Season 7, would even happen. Rumors have also been reported recently that Ami Brown, 52, has cancer, an unconfirmed diagnosis from her estranged brother Les Branson, as previously reported by Radar Online.

Ami Brown did undergo back surgery in Los Angeles a few months ago, but the cancer rumor is just a rumor. Ami was said to be taking longer than expected to recover from her recent surgery, which possibly put the announcement of another season of Alaskan Bush People on hold. Other Brown family members have been spotted throughout the U.S., as Joshua “Bam” Brown, 32, and Noah Brown, 24, continue relationships. Noah Brown and girlfriend, Rhain Alicia, was spotted in Las Vegas at the first of the year, with Joshua “Bam” Brown and his girlfriend, Allison Kagan, spotted in South Carolina just two months ago, according to Travelers Today.

However, fans are now saying that even Joshua “Bam” Brown is back in Alaska for filming, despite previous rumors that he wouldn’t be returning for new episodes of Alaskan Bush People. The Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown II Facebook fan page shared a photo a week ago of the second-oldest Brown sibling posing with a few fans in Hoonah, Alaska, which is just over 24 miles from Chichagof Island, where the Alaskan Bush People Browntown set is located. Railing Kill shared in April that none of the Brown family members have actually been near Browntown, or even anywhere in Alaska, since November of 2016.

Railing Kill goes on to share that fan posts have shown the Alaskan Bush People cast members “all over the lower 48” to avoid the “harsh Alaskan winter,” but, more recently, Facebook fan pages have posted that Brown family members have been seen back in Alaska. Alaskan Bush People Exposed posted on May 14 that Brown family members who are filming Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People are “being flown in and out by float planes to Browntown,” which explains the recent fan sightings of Matt, 34, Kenny (from the dump), Bear, 29, and Joshua in Alaska.

RenewCancelTV reported that Alaskan Bush People has been renewed by the Discovery Channel for Season 7, that is set to air in the fall of 2017. However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Season 7 may be the last, especially with rumored Brown family health issues, and the rumor that the Brown family is only willing to do seven seasons of Alaskan Bush People. Alaskan Bush People Exposed shared that filming for Season 7 is ongoing for, at least, the next couple of weeks, with rumors that Noah’s engagement to Rhain might be a “featured element” of the upcoming season.

Monsters & Critics shared in March that loyal fans have rallied around the Brown family to defend Alaskan Bush People against rumors of fakery that have plagued the Discovery Channel series for the past few seasons. Critics of Alaskan Bush People have even called for the show to be canceled, but fans say that most reality TV is scripted, and they can’t wait for Season 7, adding that they hope Alaskan Bush People stays on for a “long, long time.”

While Alaskan Bush People fans anxiously wait for the arrival of Season 7, the Discovery Channel shared on the official Alaskan Bush People Facebook page that fans can now binge-watch all of Season 6 on Discovery Go.

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