Windows Phone 8 App Downloads Improve By 100%

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 might have been the exact solution Microsoft has been looking for over the last several years. Windows Phone Store leader Todd Brix took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal massive improvements in app downloads.

According to his tweet, downloads under Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 smartphone platform have experienced a “100%+ increase in WP developer revenue & app downloads since WP8 launch in November.”

While those app revenue numbers are impressive, it could be argued that many Windows Phone 7 users simply waited for the new OS to arrive before they began downloading new applications.

Even if some sales came from a delay in the app download process, a 100 percent increase in developer and app revenue shows at least some level of excitement on behalf of Windows Phone 8 users.

Microsoft promised to increase new user interest in its mobile OS and sales volumes appears to back up Microsoft’s promise.

In the meantime, the tech giant still controls less than 10 percent of the smartphone market, although Nokia Lumia 920 sales have been brisk and increased excitement in the Windows Phone 8 market has been notable.

Microsoft’s biggest test to date may arrive in January 2013 when the Blackberry 10 OS adds another competitive option to the marketplace. Surveys have shown that users want a viable third mobile OS option to compete against Google Android and Apple’s iOS. Whether that OS will be Windows Phone 8 or Blackberry 10, only time will tell.