‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel: Belfast Film Students Make ‘GOT’ Short Film And It Is Amazing! [Watch]

A Game of Thrones prequel made by fans of HBO’s Emmy-winning series is starting to receive a significant amount of attention after it showcased the history of some of the most influential characters in Westeros.

The show’s reputation for interesting twists has fueled creative minds of Belfast as a group of film students in the place decided to create an impressive prequel of the now-beloved HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels.

Released on YouTube on May 14, the fan-made Game of Thrones prequel titled The Wild Wold produced by Ciaran Mc Ilhatton and Shane Gibson tackles the events 15 years prior to the first GoT episode on HBO.

More specifically, it showcases the story of Brandon Stark—Ned Stark’s older brother and Bran’s namesake—at the time when he was betrothed to then-Catelyn Tully and how he ended up in a duel with Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish.

According to GoT fan website Winter Is Coming, the fan-made film is well-made even though it did not dive deeper into the life of Brandon Stark whose moniker was the reference of the unofficial Game of Thrones prequel’s title.

“We know that he was hot-blooded like his sister Lyanna — his father blamed their tempers on their ‘wolf blood,’ hence Brandon’s nickname: the Wild Wolf.”

On top of that, the movie’s official description on YouTube revealed that it also covered how young Petyr Baelish who was living as a ward at Riverrun challenged Brandon in a duel for the hand of Lady Catelyn whose hand was already given to the older Stark brother to further strengthen the alliance between Houses Tully of Riverrun and Stark of Winterfell.

'Game of Thrones' Fan-Made Prequel Released

Since it is not an official film for HBO’s copyrighted series, the actors and actresses playing your favorite characters in the series are film students which include the co-producer Gibson who plays Brandon Stark, Curtis Worell as Petyr Baelish, Elisha Gormley as Catelyn Tully, and several others.

Despite that, Gizmodo.com noted that the 16-minute Game of Thrones prequel looks professionally made and “top-notch” considering that only volunteers worked on it with zero funding.

On top of that, Winter Is Coming noted how the actors’ portrayal of the characters, specifically the Northern accent Gibson used as Brandon Stark as well as his appearance in the film is every bit the “brash heir to Winterfell” appears to be.

The actor playing Littlefinger also made the right portrayal of the ambitious ward under House Tully who, even at an early age, knows that he is meant for greater things than what his birthright allowed.

The website also noted the impressive setting of the film particularly the “look and feel of Riverrun.”

“I was impressed that the production team was able to find such a good facsimile of the fictional castle,” the article read.

But while the Game of Thrones prequel was rated above the expected quality of a fan-made movie, it still had a couple of things that can be improved as Gizmodo deems some parts of the production to be “rough around the edges.”

Still, a 15-minute clip that explains one of the most intriguing love triangles in Westeros definitely comes as a treat for Thrones fans especially now that the wait for Season 7 is close to an end.

Of course, fans who seek official extensions of the beloved series have to wait a bit longer as HBO has just hired talented writers to come up with storylines for spinoffs that might include a prequel.

Watch the fan-made Game of Thrones prequel movie posted above and share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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