'Return To Amish': Sabrina High Gets Out Of Jail

Last week, Sabrina High of Return to Amish was put in jail for possessing drugs, along with other charges. She pleaded guilty to all of the charges and is reportedly getting out of prison on Monday.

Sabrina enters guilty plea

Return to Amish star, Sabrina, faced three charges resulting from an incident in April, which are possession of a controlled substance, driving an unregistered vehicle, and use and possession of drug paraphernalia, as reported by Starcasm. The publication said a source revealed that the reality star is sentenced to community service. She will also have to pay court fees and fines and will be released on Monday.

This recent event would likely impact her custody battle for her children. As of now, it is unclear what the custody situation is. She previously lost her custody of daughter, Oakley, 3, for being on probation on charges filed in 2016.

In Return to Amish Season 4, which was filmed months ago, Sabrina is featured fighting for the custody of her daughter as she also prepares for the birth of her second child. Arianna Grace is now 5-and-a-half-months-old. She worried that the baby will be taken away from her also, as she struggles to keep her promise to stay away from trouble. In Sunday's episode, fans watched Sabrina attend a baby shower party that Mary hosted. Then she goes into labor a month earlier than her due date.

As shown in Return to Amish Season 4, Sabrina didn't want to give birth in the hospital because the Children & Youth Services will take her baby from her if they knew. However, with her health circumstances, she had to deliver in the hospital. With the baby being in the newborn intensive care unit, the organization eventually learned about it and unfortunately filed a custody petition in court. They believe that the baby is at risk being in the presence of Sabrina.

Abe and Rebecca cut Sabrina out of their life

In Return to Amish, Abe and Rebecca had been there for Sabrina and helped her get through of her drug addiction. However, Sabrina seems to still struggle and so Rebecca and Abe decided to distance themselves from her, as reported by Celebrity Dirty News. Mary tried to convince them to attend the baby shower she prepared for Sabrina, saying that they should all come, especially that Sabrina is having a difficult time. The two, however, remained firm with their decision. Abe only came by to drop off his mother.

Jeremiah also tried to convince Abe, but he said he could not forgive Sabrina for how she treated his wife back in New York. She called out Rebecca and told her she's manipulative, which later brought Rebecca to tears. Even the couple's counselor advised that they should not cut off ties and instead talk with Sabrina about how they feel. However, Abe and Rebecca wouldn't listen to the counselor's suggestion and won't even see Sabrina even when she's in the hospital.

Later in the Return to Amish episode, Mary tricked Abe into coming, believing that Sabrina needs as many people around her as possible during this difficult time. Sabrina tried to reach out to Abe, who kept on ignoring her and apologized for all that she had done. However, Abe said he doesn't think he could be friends with her again. He doesn't think Sabrina wanted to be helped. The recent drug-related charges seem to prove that Sabrina still could not get into shape months after she was featured in Return to Amish struggling with her situation.

Return to Amish, the spin-off series of Breaking Amish, airs every Sunday on TLC at 8 p.m.

[Featured Image by TLC/YouTube]